Why can not edit my post after logining

In the bottom of the thread, It says “you may edit your post”, but I can not find any “Edit Post” button. :eek:

Oh, I can not edit several days later?

You get something like 30 minutes, then no more edits

Can only Edit posts/threads in the first 20 minutes
I want to edit a post

Edit button is ephermeral

Yep. This is why I’ve become the fastest post editor at CDF, with all the typos I make :bigsmile:

I just use it for speling and ghramer. :bigsmile:

You may have more competition than you think! :wink:

The only time I don’t have to re-edit my post is when there’s a 9.4 m/s wind from the north-east, the moon is full, and the time is 11:07:04 exactly.


At any other time I re-edit my posts after seeing all my mistakes, and then I re-re-edit to fix the new mistakes.


and then I re-edit the re-re-edited mistakes.


And sometimes I just give up in disgust and let the typos rule… :bigsmile:

There are two edit limits as far as I’m aware of: For the first couple of minutes after you initially posted, you may edit your post without an “Edited by xxx” appearing at the bottom (unless you fill in the reason field). You may still edit your post for the first 30 minutes after initially posting before no further editing is allowed. After the edit allowance time is up, you will need to contact a moderator of the forum you posted in order to have your posted edited (assuming (s)he agrees to the requested changes). See Tax’s links above for more information. :wink:

Please be careful if you decide to edit your post, for a couple of reasons:

[li]If the time expires while you have the edit screen open, you will lose your changes.
[/li][li]When you reply to an existing thread, double-check what you write before submitting your reply. Anyone who has subscribed to the thread (for receiving an e-mail notification when a reply is made) receives a copy of the initial post you make, so even if you correct a mistake, if someone decides to read your message in the e-mail notification instead of actually viewing the thread, they will not see the correction.
[/li][li]Finally, if you decide to add to your post, the thread no longer looks updated, which means that if people have read your thread before the changes were made, they will be unaware of these changes unless they happen to read over it again, spot the “Edited by” notice (assuming this appears) or you make it clear about the changes, such as DrageMester’s example. :stuck_out_tongue:

Drat :bigsmile:

Thanks for the info, Seán - I wasn’t aware of the subscribed threads thing :wink:

What is the reason for the 30 minute Edit limit? This is the only forum I know that does this. Many times I have wanted to Edit my posts either to correct something or add something I forgot after the 30 minutes and then have to create another post to do this. I sure wish this was changed to remove the limit.

You can see the reason explained in this post: