Why can i post with a new user name but not my old once since upgrade?

yeah i know this is off topic and im not supposed to have two usernames… but what am i supposed to do!
its been almost 2-3 days and i get a message that says ive posted a mesage in the last 30 seconds when i try to post with SiliconSoul

can not start a thread or reply to any…

i see others can post fine…


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Have you tried contacting [COLOR=blue]Da Taxman yet ? He’d solve this kinda stuff in a jiffy.

A more appropriate place to discuss such things is CD Freaks Forum Talk.

Edit I guess you’ve done something weird here and therefore been sent to the future.[/COLOR] :bigsmile:

Seems like you posted a post while the server clock was screwed up.

Post posted by siliconsoul at 26-04-2031

Seems like you can’t post anymore before after this time:


Seems like you have to wait some years :D;)

Anyway, I deleted this post, so try again :slight_smile: If it do not work, PM me and I’ll fix it in another way.