Why can i only with 4x speed burn? NeroCom and VB6

Hi burn an CDRW with a 300MB file. I have the burnspeed flag change to 0 und to 8 and 10 but NeroCom burn only with 4x speed. Why?

My CD Write is a NEC ND 1300A 1.8 and Nero
The CD writer can burn CDRWs with 10x speed.

And DVD-RW burns NeroCom only with 1x Speed :frowning:

It’s a Bug? Or what it is?

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Show WriteSpeed 4x?
This´is the Burn speed for DVD-R/+R

Write Speed for NEC ND-1300A :
DVD±R 4x (5520 KB),
DVD+RW 2,4x (3300 KB/s)
DVD-RW 2x (2760 KB/s)
CD-R 16x (2400 KB/s)
CD-RW 10x (1500 KB/s)

Maybe your CD-RW is only 2-4x speed (which is normal).

If the device is an external drive connected via a USB cable, then it maybe cutting at 4X speed as the port its plugged in is not USB 2.0 compliant.

I also seem to be limited to 4x speed when I am using an AOpen 52x24x52 speed drive (aopencrw 5224 v1.05)

NeroCOM puts no additional limits to the burning speed so it must be due to some other reasons (as the few previous posters already mentioned).

Nero read the CD Medium speed you must set the burn speed to 0 = MAX speed then nero burn the medium with the medium max speed. if you have cdrws with 2-4x speed then nero burn the cd only with max speed 4x.
My 12x CDRW writer burn the 4x CDRW only with 4x. Now i habe CDRWs 4-12x now nero burn with 12 x speed