Why can I only burn ISO image?

My recently aquired PC (second hand) has a Sony DDU 1615 DVD ROM installed. It reads discs OK.

I just want to copy data to a CD, but whatever burning software I have tried (e.g. Nero6) it will only let me select “Image recorder” (ISO?) and I can’t select the CD drive (D:) to add the files.

I have no information about the drive, are there jumpers to restrict to ISO or can I sort this via the BIOS?
I really would appreciate your help.
Thank you.

Your drive can only read discs, not write (burn) them.

The Image Recorder is a “virtual” burner in Nero that allows you to write an “image” of a disc to a file on your harddrive, instead of writing to a physical disc in a burner.

You will need a DVD burner to write DVDs and CDs; you could buy a “combi” drive that reads DVDs and reads/writes CDs, or you could buy a CD burner, but buying a DVD burner is more useful in my opinion.

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Thank you, Dragemester.
If I understand you correctly, I have aquired with the PC the wrong type of drive for my needs. Now that you have explained what the problem is, I will be happy to purchase a suitable CD/DVD burner.
Again, thank you.