Why can I burn faster than I can read a DVD?

Why can my DVD burner burn a DVD at 16x but when it reads/verifies a burned DVD it only reads at 8x max.
Seems counterintuitive.
Sorry if this is a common question but I see nothing in the FAQs about this basic concept.

Does your program have a speed limit setting. Programs like CD-Speed do. Others also change settings, sometimes without telling you.

Because your drive has a read-speed lock on video and DL discs, maybe also on RW or even all recordable discs. Some drives only read at 16x on single-layer DVD-ROM.

ALL drives only read at 16x on a single-layer… I’m unaware of any DVD drives which are faster than 16x.

And yes, your burner is quite probably read-speed-locked.

However, don’t get your hopes up. Even if/when unlocked, dual-layer discs always read slower than single-layer discs. 8x is pretty common, really.

My burners (both of them) are Plextor 716A-UF (1.09) USB 2.1 attached.
Other than AnyDVD set to “Fast and Noisy” I am not aware of any speed limiting software running in my machine. I did not install any Roxio stuff that came with the drives. I do run Nero Express 6.6 OEM.

No no. Speed limit is usually in the firmware with burners.

But seriously - 8x is just fine. Don’t sweat it. It’s unlikely you’re going to see much past that anyway.

cause of your driver. reading a cd and a dvd is totally diffrent speeds. all drivers come with a different kind of spec so just live with it

It’s nothing to do with the drivers as already mentioned.

It’s the drives firmware that prevents higher speed reading.And it’s not just burners that are speed limited. I had to use modified firmware in my Liteon 16x DVD-ROM even to get to 12x

just to clarify are you asking about readback during nero verify or are you running nero cd/dvd speed and it is limited to 8x?

if it is cd/dvd speed there is a spot in the options menu that allows you to choose a set speed or maximum.

if you are asking about verifying a burn, my guess would be that nero verify cannot compare fast enough when the speed gets higher than 8x

Folks, folks. Back to basics.


I guarantee you it’s locked at 8x. He’s lucky it wasn’t locked at 2x!

If, for some reason, it isn’t locked… then it just can’t read burnt media any faster than that. Many many drives can’t!

I was just wondering “why?”.
It would seem to me that burning pits into a DVD would be a slower process than just looking at pits.
An “Inquiring minds” sort of thing.

guarantee huh… well maybe you should have read the drive review:

When it comes to reading DVD+R and DVD+RW media the Plextor PX-716A again performed the same as its predecessor, the PX-712A. Both drives can read DVD+R and DVD+RW media at a maximum speed of 12x. This is a very good performance as there are not many optical drives out there that support these speeds, especially for DVD+RW media.

DVD+R Read Performance

As we expected the Plextor PX-716A’s performance was again the same as the Plextor PX-712A drive. Not bad at all since once again the drive had no problems reading both the DVD-R and DVD-RW media at 12x.

DVD-R Read Performance

@schmidtj where exactly are you running into this limit? what program or what doing?

I use Nero Express to Burn/Verify some DVD-Video Files.
A similar thing happens with burning CDs as well.
It offers to burn the DVD-R at 16x but when the Verify Phase starts the maximum speed it reports during that operation is about 7x.
I just found that weird.
I just figured burning and reading a DVD was like an engraving process. It takes longer to do the engraving than to read the results.
It seems quite the opposite with DVD (and CD) burning.
If found that to be counterintuitive and just wanted to know why.
Nothing more.

as i stated above it is b\c the verify function is not able to keep up with caparing the stream of both the hard drive and the burner presenting data.

when burning the data is going one way only.

verify is honestly about worthless. i wouldn’t use it on dvds it is not accurate.

I’ve got a pretty fast Raid-1 (mirrored) array for my HD and it’s can read data at >25MB/sec without raising a sweat.
I can verify two DVDs simultaneously or singly and still max out at nothing close to the burning speed.
I think I need to read the data from the same HD during the burning phase and the HD keeps up with a 16x burn just fine so your theory that it’s a HD limiting factor doesn’t exactly make sense (to me).
Thanks anyway.

i never said the hard drive is having a problem… the stupid “verify” in nero is. it is unable to compare the disc and the HD at speeds any higher than 8x. which makes sense since it is not just copying the data it is COMPARING which as i am sure you would guess takes some processing time which slows the process.