Why C2 Errors on New, Commercially Produced CD?

I have a new, commercially produced CD (Mercury Living Presence/Polygram Records) on which I ran a routine “Quality” scan on Nero CD-DVD Speed (as I normally do when I receive a CD). I received a report from the scan which indicated 1368 C2 errors. I normally find those on older CDs (or CDs that I have burned myself) but this is the first time I have received them on a new, commercially produced CD.

I immediately backed up the CD with EAC and most tracks showed 100% quality. A few showed no less than 99.9 %. The surface of the CD looks clean and mirrored, with no scratches and certainly looks new, as described.

I’m not sure what to make of this information however. As I mentioned previously, it’s the first time I’ve had a high number of C2 errors on a new, commercial CD. Does this mean that the CD is not really “new” or are the errors reported “false”? Those are about the only interpretation I can make of this situation.

If neither of those are the case, how would a new, commercial CD acquire a high number of C2 errors without being dirty or scratched? I have attached the subject scan below. Thanks in advance for any input.

It’s unclear whether this drive reports anything useful as “C2”.
It apparently doesn’t report any C1 at all.

I would scan the disc in another drive, known to be a good CD scanner, before concluding anything.