Why buy Any DVD & Clone DVD?

:confused: Im just trying Clone DVD & Any DVD on their free trial, with the idea of maybe buying them, but would like to know what would be the advantages to me?
Im new and have been using Shrink with Nero for the past two weeks and all seems to be going ok, yet somewhere I read that one should really buy Clone/Any DVD as Shrink soon would be obsolete or something like that :cop: Is this true or what? Would Clone/Any DVD be better for me and why?
Interested in your thoughts.

Not sure about Shrink becoming obsolete, but Olli (the original developer of CloneDVD) has been plugging it. The AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 combo seems to have no trouble getting around the new copy protection on Hitch, although one can also bypass that decryption by using DVDDecrypter and AnyDVD together, then using your burn program of choice to reauthor and compress…

For me, CloneDVD2 is too complex, as you seem to have to be very comfortable knowing different file extensions/types if you want to be able to exactly eliminate certain things. If you have to do detailed selections like that in Shrink, then perhaps CloneDVD2 will be straightforward for you. I just know I unchecked including what I thought was just going to be unneeded storyboards from the screen on “Tomorrow Never Dies” and I ended up with a perfect video copy, but no dialogue (only background music). :a The only thing for sure that will eventually be obsolete is DVDDecrypter, as when the new copy protections come out, it will stop being able to successfully decrypt them.


#1 - AnyDVD subscription is good for life (of Slysoft)

#2 - Works great with cheapo version of InterVideo DVD Copy - which is a “One Click” copy program that has put any movie that I have ever copied for backup on a single disc - and can be had off of eBay for under $15 shipped (do a Google - follow the eBay thread at the right side)


I would say the main reason to buy is the support. If you come across a movie you can’t backup, you send them the IFO files, and they will have an update out sometimes within hours!! If that is not a reason to buy I don’t know what is!!