Why burn using DVD Shrink, etc?

Here’s a noob question? I use DVDFab Platinum and use the burn engine in it. I noticed that some people use DVDFab to decrypt and burn the movies on DVD Shrink or Nero, etc.

Why? Is there other advantages?

Hello infernox
NO advantages :rolleyes: , Some think so but you get same results GOOD Quality Picture and as long as you have DVDFab setup right no problems or issues like most here in the DVDFab forum, sure there are some who do have a problem now and then BUT you have issues and problems with any program .
One thing though about DVDFab when you have a problem everyone here in CDFreaks are all friend and willing to help each other .

Hope this helped answer your question

PS…Shrink is still good

Well, I think in most cases it’s an “old habits die hard” thing. As more and more new features have been added to DVDFab Platinum, it can do almost everything DVDShrink can and some that Shrink can’t. For some things like TV episode discs or other backups where you need very precise control of begin/end points or need to control compression on a title-by-title basis, Shrink still has no equal. But for everyday use DVDFab IMO gives you enough control to be able to get the backp just the way you want it, as well as providing an up-to-date and frequently updated decryption engine, something that DVDShrink will never have. I used to use Shrink several times a week, now, once a month at most. The Nero burn engine can also be accessed from the "Common Settings–>Write page, but the VSO has worked well for me. As with so many things, personal preferences play a big role.:slight_smile:
/EDIT/Hey Tim. I fell asleep twice while trying to type this so I didn’t see your post. Crash time on the east coast. Nite all.

Good to know, guys. Thanks. I never had a problem using the all-in-one app of DVDFab so I think I am going to stick with it.

Also some are using DVDFab Decrypter that only rips, does not shrink or burn.


Very true Mack. I’ve done that in the past also. Can’t have too many decrypter’s right? Sometimes I’ve noticed that DVDFab Decrypter will actually reach a higher mb/s than when you use Platinum to decrypt the very same movie, go figure. So that’s why I keep Fab Decrypter on my desktop. When I’m in a hurry and just want to rip a movie to my HD and then later come back to it. ~ Mike

Hi Mike,

Curious, did you rip the same movie with both apps? I’ve noticed that with the last few versions my read time was longer. Nothing changed on my system…if I revert back a few versions, my read time is back to optimum.
With the last v., some of the read times are fast again and some still a bit slow, but overall, this version seems faster. Burn time was not affected. This usually isn’t a big deal for me…I mean if it takes longer to make a bkup, no biggie, but like all of us I guess…sometimes in a hurry and not enough time… :sad:

I haven’t used fabdecrypter in a while, but like you…the more tools in my toolkit, the better for me… :iagree: No software, no matter how good, works perfectly everytime…especially with this stuff.
Thanks for the idea, I’ll give it a shot.


Hi Tom ~ I sure did. I used the same movie in Decrypter and then Platinum, once in full movie mode and then in main movie mode. Each time the Decrypter is usally alittle bit faster. I’m not talking alot faster, but noticeable sometimes. Being on rehab for my back, I have alot of free time to kill during the day, LOL. So I like to try different things. And like you, the time it takes now to make a back-up compared to what it used to, well I’m very happy with what I have today. I used to use 321 Studios XCopy Express and it toke me 43 min. to read and approx. 42 min. to write a full movie. So I REALLY appreciate DVDFab regardless of what flavor I use, er version that is. Hope this helps ~ Mike

Mike, thanks for the feedback. OMG…321 studios…a name synonomous with absolutely horrendous consumer support. Actually, worked pretty good for me, but not so good for lots of other folks. Still have it on one of my old archived hdds…used it sometime in '06 to decrypt a movie I was having trouble with…go figure…LOL.



Still have it on a CD somewhere in my folder. Used it in 06 to backup Narnia and couldn’t. That was the beginning of the end for me. After that, most movie’s wouldnit rip anymore. So here we are and livin’ large with DVDFab thank goodness. Thank You, Mike

Hey Mike if ya can’t find your 321 disk I’ll sell you mine for a buck :slight_smile: (good deal )

WOW, what a deal. Can’t beat that with a stick. But hey, thanks for the offer. And the next time I need the knife in my back twisted ,I’ll give you a hollar too. LOL. It wasn’t long after I bought the program then they stopped supporting it. But like you said, it worked great for me. I’ll give you guys some salt now to rub in the wounds ok. Take care ~ Mike