Why burn DVD when you can just watch the image file?

Hello MyCE,

I’ve recently discovered great products that help me back up my dvds such as dvd-Rebuilder and high quality media discs like TDK & Verbatim. My questions is, what exactly is the point of going through all the trouble of rebuilding and burning a dvd if you can just watch the image file you get from dvd-decrypter? Keep in mind I don’t watch dvd’s on my DVD player, but rather on my computer (I have a nice monitor). Is the quality better when running on an actual disc? Or is it just to have a hard copy backup that will never be deleted? Thanks for any insight you can give.

No, there is no difference at all :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Elston;2474705]Or is it just to have a hard copy backup that will never be deleted?[/QUOTE]

Indeed, having a copy on a DVD is useful for safety :slight_smile:

(and also because HDDs have not an infinite capacity :bigsmile:)

Amen, Geno!
Nor do HDD’s have an infinite lifespan.
My primary HDD died last Saturday.
Thank goodness I had my irreplaceables on discs so I could re-install everything on the spot!
Now, my secondary HDD moves up a notch…

For me my monitor is not as big as my living room TV.
I don’t have a TV connected to my computer.
So it’s a lot nicer to pop in a disc,lean back in the recliner & have a cold one.

Well so far I burn DVD’s of all my HDTV caps then watch em later on the living room setup. I have so many disks around it’s hard to keep track of everything and where it might be.
I’m seriously considering some kind of media player with a big hard drive that I can send all my caps to. Then I can burn the keepers for loaners to family members and such and cut down on the clutter around here.