Why burn at such high speed?

I see lots of post about people trying to burn 8x media at 12x, 16x, and shows graph with astronomical (j/k) amount of errors, and I can’t help but ask myself, is it really worth saving the extra 5 minutes but risk having a bad disk a few years down the road when burning at 8x produces exceedingly good results such as this? :slight_smile:

Yeah and I’ll bet you always drive in third gear too… :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice scan.

FYI, this is rima.com $0.6 YUDEN000T02 8x DVD+R media burned at 8X using PX-712A.

I agree totally, especially since some very competent experts hold that faster burns reduce disc life span. I burn everything at 4X.

Okay wildgoose, you’re gonna have to give up the info on that drive. Manufacture date, TLA#, and serial (if not too sensitive). I don’t get burn graphs anywhere near that even using T02 at 8x.

Ok Two Degrees, I’ll post it by this weekend. :slight_smile:

I ordered about a month ago from Dell Small Business.

Wildgoose, nice scan. When did you order/get that T02 from rima? I’s asking because there’s evidences that lately TYs quality is a little down (see media forum).

Wildgoose what you burn that dvd with? a nec!!!..haha, or is that a “pressed” factory dvd…haha plex esp a 712…couldnt have such good results, unless you probably burned it @2x!!!

Mine produces these results as well… And factory pressed DVD often have a higher PI/PO count than the scan wildgoose posted :wink:

He said he got it from Rima in post #3. I’ve tried both Fuji and Plextor T02 and haven’t really noticed a huge difference on my PX-712A; I get mediocre results with both types.