Why bother creating CD image - iso etc

Can someone explain to my the advantage of creating a cd image (iso,bin etc) over a straight backup and copying of all the contents of the CD when for instance the total size of all the files on the cd might only add up to 100mb and if you created an iso image of the cd it would add up to 600mb and over. So Obviously you would save a lot of space if you just backed the files up, wouldn’t you?


One benefit is that you can test the image before actually burning it onto a CD or DVD disk, which is useful when backing up a game or DVD movie. Yes, you can burn a CD/DVD with only the contents, and even add addition stuff on it up to the max size (by leaving the disk open), but if you want to have an autorun CD (you cannot have multiple applications autorun from one CD unless you create your own install menu), guarantee that the disk will play in all players or a DVD movie that plays properly in your stand-alone DVD player, you are better off burning and closing the disk. Besides the cost is so insignificant now-a-days - 5-10 cents per CD and 30 cents per DVD disk…

What program are you using to make the ISO? IIRC the ISO should still be 100MB, and not full image.

Thanks Ender.Wiggin,

Up until today I haven’t bothered with cd images. I have just bought me another computer with a dvd burner and have got a lot of disks to backup on dvd’s. I have just downloaded and started to use isobuster 1.7 which is a great program but for a beginner like me I suppose it was a bit hard at first to understand.

Goudo, now I have learned the program a bit more, I have started to extract and create a .tao file of only the data on the disk and then rename the file to a .iso file which should be compatible with most programs in the future, by doing it this way the file is only slightly larger than the total size of all of the original data on the disk, then by sending the .iso file to a compressed folder seems to compress it more.

Please, if you have any more comments Suggestions and other free programs will be useful.


Mate, there is a lot more to learn, other than iso files before you start burning successfully. Shrinking, decryption, geographical zones, PAL and NTSC systems. Just to name a few. Read old posts and tutorials. Don’t forget to use the search function. But you probably know all that already.
Good luck.