Why bitset?

Maybe I don’t understand the bitsetting thing, but why bitset when all moderrn DVD players will easily play a DVD±R whether or not it thinks it is a DVD-ROM?

Because not all DVD players are modern…

Actually, the XBOX is famous for rejecting DVD+R media…unless it’s bitset. Probably the best example.

Dang, that was quick.


Then I’m on to dvd+r and bitset. That’s the reason I used dvd-r, xbox.

anyone tried a dvd+r bitsetted on xbox with samsung drive?
thank you

samsung doesnt do bitsetting, sorry

I’m fairly sure my XBox has a Samsung drive and bitset DVD+R play just fine. The exact same media non-bitset is unreadable.

hi braveheart
i didn’t explained very well.

the xbox drive can be a samsung dvd reader. it read cdr, cdrw, dvd-r, dvd-rw, and dvd+rw, it doesn’t read dvd+r if booktype is dvd+r

so i was guessing if anyone with a bitissing capable dvd writer burned a dvd+r with dvdrom book type id and if he tried this media in the samsung drive of the xbox

I think he meant has anyone used a dvd+r that is bitset to -rom on an xbox that has a samsung drive in it. The answer is yes, my 1.5 xbox with a samsung drive and it works fine.

kador, ccbadd, thank you very much
another question: which burner do you have? nec 2500/2510?