Why better writes with DVD-RW's?

Just wondering why I get better writes when I write to my dvd-rw’s?
I use Memorex -rw, Verbatim datalife plus -rw, TDK -rw’s.

Anybody else noticed this? :confused:

Better than DVD-R or better than DVD+RW? What do you mean by better, according to K-probe, faster, or what?

Better than DVD-R. I’ve used Memorex (cmc), Maxell, and Sony DVD-R’s and they all have really high PI’s.

They still play fine on my standalone players but just wondering why I get really low PI/PO’s with DVD-RW’s.

Kprobe scans done on my -rw discs have been incredibly low (ie PI<30)


Perhaps it’s the slower speed. How fast are you doing your dvd-r discs at? What speed are they certified for? Which firmware are you using, official or hacked?

I do all my dvd-r writing at 4X (the certified speed on the discs).
I’ve used both the hacked and original 1.10 firmwares and both have high PI.
I’ve just now updated the firmware to 1.15 and I’ll let you know the results.

Can it make a difference that on my secondary ide I have my 107D as master and my Liteon 411S as slave? Would they be interferring with one another? I’m not using both at the same time though. :confused: :confused:

Any help greatly appreciated,
somervillec :cool:

I doubt that would make the difference. Maybe the quality of the dvd-rw’s are better.