Why BenQ has not still officially released B7S9?

I don’t see it in any BenQ website.
In europe website the last firmware is the B7M9, while in other is B7P9.

On the main site ( Global) the last is B7P9 , B7S9 is a firmware posted on the China page and it’s official improvements regard media encountered in this territory (mostly cheapo). So the “S” was intented as a regional firmware

Another issue u have to know that officialy B7M9 is actually the las Benq 1620 firmware.
The B7P9 is the first firmware for Benq 1620 PRO

Someone says that official B7T9 is coming soon. B7S9 is “Special Firmware only for Asian Market”. In asia, people prefer DVD-R than DVD+R. Many crude DVD-Rs (such as VDSPMSAB01) are circulating in Asia. With B7S9, DW1620 can burn such a shit DVD-R media better. B7S9 also improve the compatibility with Panasonic DVD-RAM drive/DVD-RAM recorder. Until B7P9, DW1620 cannot read DVD-R media burnt by Panasonic drive. But Panasonic DVD-RAM recorder is not popular in Europe, so B7S9 does not need to be official.

T9 coming soon? OH heck! I hope they improved the flasher. It took many tries for me to get S9 to work correctly, and it was the flash program’s fault. Yep, flashed from safe mode (and every other mode except standing on my head), but finally, and for no forseeable difference whatsoever, S9 finally flashed correctly.

I was going off thinking it was bad firmware, but it was bad official flash software instead. UG. Yeah, the exact same file finally flashed it correctly, and it works like a charm. I got a few choppy playback disks, but S9 did improve the data integrity. In fact it improved the data integrity totally. Not one disc with invalid data, so S9 has saved me some cash. But, I gotta flash it again soon. Oh no!

I just posted a couple scans of cheap media burned by B7S9. It’s pretty good with the cheap stuff.

Yeah, I like S9 thus far although DVD-R’s with the media code of AML (Supermediastore 4x DVD-R’s) tend to avalanche in the last 200-300 megabytes of the disc. Dupsonic VANGUARD’s work wonderfully for 4x DVD-R’s and I can’t burn a coaster with this media and my BenQ 1620 no matter what I try. I haven’t tried any of my Optodiscs 4x DVD-R’s lately, just really no need to at this point in time.