Why BenQ 1650 Is Not In US Yet?

Why the BenQ 1650 hasn’t been available in US market yet? Isn’t because the market still favorable and not saturated from 1640 or some thing else?

We should be getting the better-looking, Lightscribe-equipped DW1655 drive soon. Distributor prices for DW1655 are already set at $56-58, so expect online retailer prices to be in mid 50s, low 60s when it goes on sale.

A little more information for people already getting tired of DW1620/40… There are two versions of DW1655 currently on order by California distributors, black bulk and black retail, priced at $56 and $59 (at one place). I don’t see any other colors, so it may end up being a black-only drive like DW1625. In the past, it took up to six weeks from the time the drives appeared in the database to the time they were delivered.

Newegg imports the drives independently and they have their own stock, so they may be getting DW1655 earlier than other online stores. They may also soon get DW1650 as a replacement for DW1640 which is currently in short supply at Newegg (where only a grey version is available) and out of stock at some distributors.

DQ60 is also on order at distributors and is priced at $40. Newegg has the bulk, black TEAC-branded version of the DQ60 if anybody is interested. If you are not sure what DQ60 is, read about it first before spending $50+. It’s a completely different beast, built around a Panasonic chipset.

BENQ at NewEgg seriously low on models. No of black 1640. Therefore, a change is brewing. Maybe next week.

Thanks agent009 for the information that is a good new to know that BenQ 1655 are on thier way may be even before “Christmas”.





Since New egg is out of stock for BenQ 1640 & 1620 may be this is a good indication that we will see BenQ 1650 and 1655 show-up for sale at newegg any day soon.

I have a feeling they will be peddling the DQ60 for a while. :slight_smile:

I’m looking to get another drive, but its hard to find something as good as the 1640 :smiley:

newegg isn’t just out of stock of the 1640, you can’t even find a listing for it. The 1620 and 1625 are both out of stock. Is the DQ60 any good? I see it can does DVD-RAM.

Nevermind, I just read some DQ60 threads. Ugh.

I’m betting the DW1650 and/or DW1655 will be available for ordering within a span of one week. Why? Every single time NewEgg stops offering a bunch of older models in the wake of replacments that have been pre-announced, it means the newer model(s) are soon at hand. About a day ago, NewEgg had DW1620 and DW1640 models for sale, now they have been yanked except for the DQ60. Its just my gut feel, FWIW.

Why can they (Newegg) announce that they are taking order for 1655 & 1650 and say when they would be available? I am surprised why US with such vast market potential and high consumer consumption is always lacks behind Europe and Asia in getting new products?

Wonder how long it will be before we can see the results of tests on the 1655 here in this forum. The interest in the 1650 and 1655 appear to be really high here.