Why arent my discs burning fully? Please Read

I have been burning cds for years, using liteon cdrw and a lite on dvdrw, with realplayer, nero or media player inc other free downloaded burn software programmes…I have tried different media discs and found my albums are no longer burning correctly, It burns-usual min or two process, and tells me that all 20 tracks are there and has burnt correctly, but in fact has only burnt 4 or 5 tracks, and you can see on the back of the disc the burnt ring is only small to confirm just a few tracks…I have popped them into different hifis to play back and it states 20 tracks, but after track 4/5 they are all blank. This has started in the last few weeks, just found this out with about 20 albums ive done…that are now no good…Any ideas people whats going wrong? Is my lite-ons knackered or is it the computer? Ive tried different media, and different programmes including lower speeds, No change at all.

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Try burning a CD using the Create Disc tab in CD-DVD Speed.

Click on the floppy icon at the top of the window to save
a PNG image of the results. Post the results here.