Why aren't attachements allowed?

Just wondering why attachements are not permitted?

How about they take up space and we have no use for them?

Take up space and downloads cause data traffic for which we have to pay by the MB.

Furthermore, attachments are harder to control (with respect to illegal contents), so yet another reason not to incorporate it.

If a file is to made available for download by any of the mods of admins, the possibility is there. If you feel you have a file that is legal and should be made available to all, contact the mod/admin of the forum where you think it should be posted and he will discuss this with us. When we agree, the file will be hosted on our server.

Mmm, I was going to attach an error log file in my thread re my cdrw drive problem nere produced the error log. Ill post it instead.

cheers any way.

In order to do that you will have to have webspace of your own and put it on there, then during your message make the image come from your web address
then u have your log published for all to see;)