Why are the smart ones here so arrogant?

Recently I had a browse through quite a few threads and I noticed that most comments made by the smart people in here are quite arrogant with their comments/replies. I’m not whinging (okay a little bit), but this is living room right?

I just wanted to point this out because it seems a little unprofessional and I’m wondering why? It even makes me think twice or not to even bother posting a reply.

Reasons why I think this is so:

  1. Maybe, this forum doesn’t like opinions
  2. Smart ones don’t tend to like statements made by others which have slight mistakes ( includes me :bigsmile: )
  3. Smart ones don’t tend to like explaining things to detail

I take the example in the Optical Dev Forum/PSX protection thread… instead of using words like ‘maybe…’ or ‘I think it is…’ or ‘most likely…’ to make a point people just want to say it is definitely that without showing any references or pictures.

I don’t want to start listing threads of these examples of arrogance because I’ll be hated here, but I bet I’m going to be flamed here anyway.

Isn’t that this forum is popular because of it’s members - people who post something. Personally I’d like to see more people post opinions - it’s more interesting.

I had a talk with some mathematician and he gave me a great lecture about famous people in history who were known for their arrogance in their work and that this is usual and not a bad thing sometimes.

Anyway you’d probably agree/disagree, I’d like to ask what those reasons are… flame away…

i agree at some points

sometimes it looks like it isn’t allowed to be a newbe.

BUT…not all SMART ONES are like that

Originally posted by Truman

Isn’t that this forum is popular because of it’s members - people who post something. Personally I’d like to see more people post opinions - it’s more interesting.

Great ! I personally think that the more opinions like yours the healthier atmosphere is here.

Thanks !

It’s not arrogance all the time, as you can imagine getting the same question for the 100th time, you get tired of people asking things they can easily READ !!
For that is IMHO the most annoying thing in the forum.
We all were newbies once, maybe comfort for those who feel themselves like that :wink:
I am very pleased to get my opinon released every now and then and even give some help from time to time.
So I would support all members of CD-freaks and encourage all newbies to keep on reading :smiley:

You are right about this and it’s one of the issues that comes up many times in our admin/moderator forum. Unfortunately as we have several people that have stayed here for many years it’s sometimes hard to stay polite with people, but it’s something we try to keep an eye on. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this (better FAQ’s ? how to look different at things etc.) please let us know. Also note that the forums gets over 20.000 visitors a day, and altough only a small % is active as poster it’s still a lot, and when dealing with people there is hardly ever a right way, but we’re willing to listen and change!

A solution would be to enlarge the search button :slight_smile: As Domi stated, some people here have read some questions like a thousand times and then it is hard to just give the answer once again, certainly when you had a bad day at work or school :wink: In my view, we don’t bash real newbies, but sometimes there are people with 50 or more posts who still don’t use the search. Like with most things in live, a bit of cooperation form both sides, the so called newbies and smart ones, should do the trick.