Why are some DVD's purple underneath and others gold/silver?

Does anyone know why all the DVD-Rs are purple on the underside and DVDs tend to be Silver/Gold?

Where can I get DVD-Rs with Silver/Gold underside? Tried ebay, can’t find any.

I see no sense in getting such media. Is there a particular reason for it?
Recordable media has this colours because of the materials used.

I understand that recordable media has the purple colour because of the dyes used or something like that.

My point is, before a DVD ends up on a shelf in a store, it is also a DVDR. So why is it when a former DVDR comes out of my DVD writer it is still purple underneath and when it comes out of a big companies DVD writer it is gold?

I would assume that they get DVD’rs that are gold/silver to start with and all I can get is DVD’rs that are purple underneath.

Not being funny. But the question was if anyone knows where I can get DVD-R or DVD+R that has a silver/gold underside. Not if someone could ask me what I needed it for.

Thanks in advance.

It’s very simple mate - It does NOT existr, you will always the recording side to be a purple colour to sometimes a lighter shade towards reddish - The reason for that has not been discussed much but some sources say that the recording side is based on grape juice, hence the purple colour! :smiley:

But seriously, unlike CD-R, there is no silver coloured recording DVD other than the DVD ReWritable (RW). The colour of the surface should not be a concern unless you are conspiring something…unlawful perhaps :slight_smile:

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Purple or silver or even gold has no effect on quality of the burning process may be with color silver you get better image in case of LightScribe or Labelflash labeling.

Well the colour itself, just as a colour, doesn’t affect anything.

But on the other hand, the colour gives you a hint as to what chemical was used in the recording layer, and some are better than others.

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