Why are SATA DVDRW so scarce?

I do not understand this at all…SATA interface is IMHO so much better than IDE interface

Maybe they are afraid ppls PCs are not so up to date, but comon, SATA has been around for 2 or more years… giddy up!!!

SATA is the only way I’ll buy another drive, I only have lots of sata ports left.

Hi nealh. Didn’t you just buy an LG.:slight_smile: S-ATA DVD Burner GSA-H30N from LG

No…I got @BB GSA-H22LI…IDE version(I have not opened it and may just return it…seems to be an nice drive but very new so jury is out of burn quality)

I would prefer a SATA version of the drive

IDE just flat out works. :slight_smile:

Hehe I was kidding. :slight_smile: I don’t think the GSA H30N is available in the US yet. Maybe in EU?
There are still lots of issues with the chipsets and you have to go with what the drive manufacturer recommends or the drive simply does not work or works but not very well. Intel and Silcon image based chipsets seem to work the best so far but it’s hard to keep up as they are forever changing.

Sorry…I was so tunneled on my posts…I missed your point

Cant decide whether to use the drive or not(BB can be a PITA on returns)…I love my BenQ1640 and should have bought a BenQ1655 but I thought we might see an 18x Benq before they left the market …I know Liteon bough them and we may see there tech but …remember Nvidia got 3dfx and we never really saw some of the awesome tech 3dfx had i nthe wings…cant recall the name of it now

Just snag a Lite-On 160/165 series and call it good. They at least have ongoing firmware support.

Are these SATA…I did not see an SATA drive on Liteon website

There’s LiteOn 16xS6S, I think, which is SATA. The 165H6S (LS + DVD-RAM), 165P6S (DVD-RAM), 160H6S (LS) and 160P6s don’t do SATA.

Perhaps they are currently limited to non-US markets?

I remember the transition from SCSI burners to IDE burners, and all the hassles and the need to develop Buffer Underrun tech. It took a long time for things to get pretty stable. It’s that way with a lot of emerging technologies.

Maybe in a year or two they will get it figured out, but until they do, I don’t see the harm in just playing it safe and sticking with IDE for now. The Bleeding Edge is not something I am very excited about riding on again. Too many scars from previous experiences. At this point, I just want my stuff to work and I want to sit back and use it. I’m not as interested in patching and tweaking and what not just to get it functional. Those days are long behind me. I’d rather use the extra time to nap… :slight_smile:

Excellent point…SATA is nice for small cables and seems to be nice interface with respect to HDD

I keep seeing and hearing about issues with SATA cables disconnecting any time folks putter around in their case. Is it just carelessness? Or do the connectors really come off that easy?


I have never had this issue but I guess it depends on the length of the cable and how rough someone is…I try to becareful with any cable…

SATA is nice but there are no REAL SATA burner AFAIK.
IDE drives with adaptors on it, similar to the IDE/SCSI burners we had.

So the Plextor SATA burner is not native?

lite-on LH-2B1S in taiwan

2x 2x 2x / 12x 4x 8x / 12x 4x 6x / 12x + 32x 24x 32x Serial ATA BD Triple Writer, support BD-R / BD-RE, Double Layer DVD+/-R9, SMART-BURN, FDSS® mechanism.

Can anyone give a more comprehensive list of SATA optical drives?..that cover DVDR drives, DVD-ROM and CD-RW drives?

I know LiteOn have a SATA DVD-ROM drive and Asus/MSI have SATA CD-RW drives.

Here is a post to clear up that myth. The drives are identical. Example: Plextor 755A and the 755SA use the same firmware and are identical in capabilities, the A model is IDE and the SA is S ATA interface. :slight_smile:

I guess I wouldn’t touch a SATA optical drive with a 10 foot monkey, at least not right now. I like my IDE. :slight_smile: