Why are people afraid to state where they live?

i am about 2 hours west of nooby god :bigsmile:

I did a semester at UQ Brisbane. Brisbane’s kind of a boring city I must say but Australia is awesome in general.

I’m scared. :stuck_out_tongue: Where do you live?

next to michigan

Schoolbergenstraat, Kessel-Lo, Belgium :slight_smile:

Some pictures from inside the house where my girlfriend and I are living since august of this year. It’s too dark outside to take a picture from the view we have :slight_smile:

Edit: nvm edit :stuck_out_tongue:

That bed looks way too new. I guess working all day has its consequences

It is not the first :smiley:

Concord Ohio, about 20 miles east of Cleveland.

Olympia, WA. USA