Why are people afraid to state where they live?

How come so many people don’t list what area they live in? I think it gives good perspective on where people are coming from.

Poonglim Apt. 614-101, Unseo-Dong 2708-1 , Jung-Gu, Inchon City, South Korea

Well, it doesn’t cost anything to receive phone calls. ROK-010-5599-8222 :slight_smile:

What’s there to be afraid of?

I guess people enjoy there anonymity. :slight_smile:

EDIT : I’m from Edinburgh btw

Well I wasn’t implying that people should give their full street addresses…just a city or state.

Nobody misunderstood you. I just said there’s no reason to be afraid of. I always tell my wife. Fear never helps. :slight_smile:

Austria (Upper Austria)
Schwanenstadt (City)

Not everyone solves their debates online, some actually get agressive, hunt down your family and rape your little daughter.

Mine is already stated…
Any further details are known to those who need to…(and to those who do a little searching).

It is so much easier to hide behind a fictitious character than it is to be yourself in full exposure…

I don’t think that it is fear, it’s just cautiousness. Anyway, we all have an IP address.

I’m not concerned.See the gun thread :cop:

Aberdeenshire scotland

Rape is common actually somewhere between online and offline. Lots of young girls (and a lot of students included) are victims but who can stop them from going outside to meet strangers and acquaintances through online forums to be raped? Big social problem, but so far no good solution except to tell one’s own daughters to be careful.

Trying to invade another forum member’s home and kill or rape people there is not a smart thing to solve disagreements. There are many that threaten to do so but there’s only one likely outcome: death penalty.

And so most people try something that won’t get them to early tombs, the kind of physical violence that doesn’t leave a hole or too much blood. Personally, I was attacked a few times, but usually the ones that actually use threats and violence are typical cowards that can’t meet the eyes and shut up and get shy when confronted with honest words. So far, organized criminals aren’t active on the internet yet but I guess it’s just a matter of time.

I thought so too until my card started draining when talking to my parents when they were abroad. My sneaky phone operator had put in some jibble in some very fine text at my contract it seemed… So be careful what you wish for! :wink:

I list my country only as listing my full adress could be harmful and would take up far too much space in the column over there.

Depends on the service provider. My 010 is serviced by LG Telecom. Hm. Maybe since 1998 though I also used Hansol (Samsung, formerly), KT, and SK Telecom from time to time. There’s no charge for receiving calls. So far, I have already spent perhaps over 5,000 in USD on mobile phones.

Portugal - Lisbon

Melbourne, Australia… Mate. Used to live in Sydney. And before that, Brisbane.


If someone would harm my family because of an online discussion, i’m gonna do things to them that would make Kayser Soze look like a saint.

I still prefer a society that doesn’t allow too much freedom and too much anonymity to the ones that seem to be generous even to rape-ers, serial killers, terrorists, etc. Once some students at SNU forum made fun of a SNU girl-student whose father happened to be a member of the national parliament. The forum with thousands of members was investigated by the authority and the students had to beg, literally. Though I wasn’t an SNU student, I was quite active and also active in removing anonymity as much as possible. Anonymity without strong confinement actually kills ideas and freedom. Modern Western societies allow too much anonymity only because this is an incomplete civilization, not because anonymity itself is good. In a more closed system like Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, such openness and controllability of individuals are effective. Therefore, one of my goals was to remove every place where one can post witout real names fully revealed. It was successful to some degrees but then international Internet forums and news sites ruined most part of the new places mostly pioneered by the newer generations. However, most important South Korean web places still allow posting only when you use real names, with addresses and phone numbers registered as well, and the most important part is the Citizen’s Registration Number (most useful for police investigation and legal concerns.) Singapore isn’t anywhere perfect but it’s the best example I’ve known. Unfortunately, South Korea had Park Jung-Hee and Gim Il-Sung instead of Lee Gwan-Yu.

I live in Thornhill,Ontario,Canada,North America

want my bank account number too?