Why are our Familys and Schools so out of Control?

Is it lack of
PARENTS & SOCIETY dont care,
OR JUST DONT KNOW what to Do ?

My Boys got a Fair amount of SMACKS when young and havent
given me any problems so far.
NO Lambasings and never in anger.:a
If my Kids made me so Angry I felt like breaking every Bone in there bodys
I put Myself in TIME OUT .

Living in a Bachelor flat ( 1 roomed apartement) :eek:
with my 3 Boys for 16 years makes me the most insane of the sane .:wink:

Bless ay diane7
Seems like you’ve done your time :flower:

The current generation of kids are more prone to get even further out of line if properly disciplined. The parents don’t want to push their kids farther away and the schools are afraid of weapons being brought onto school grounds. Parents also have to worry about being charged with child abuse if they “properly” discipline their kids. 20 years ago a spanking was not considered abuse, it was standard punishment for doing something wrong. Now you have to worry about a child welfare worker, social services, or the police knocking on the door to arrest you.

In the US, at least, the two most visible factors have been the huge increase in single parent families and the change over the last fifty years to families with two working parents.

I think what has already been posted is correct but If you want to know what the number one problem with schools in the USA all you have to do is ask 100 teachers and 90 percent will tell you it is little bush (no child left behind). It was based on the Huston tx schools which they have now discovered cheated and were very bad schools using this program. If the feds would get back out of schools and let the local people control them they would be much better. As for a little bush just another thing he has done wrong.

A strong religious presence scared kids into behaving. From my own observations religion in many western sociaties plays a much smaller role in everyday life.

[B]Respect[/B], when I was at school many many years ago you were taught to respect others, as a parent I try to bring my children up to respect others but these days in the school for whatever reasons they have children can basicly do what the hell they want back in the day you did something got punished and either didnt do it again or made damn sure that you didnt get caught again.

I agree with robbo - a lot of the kids around where I live are great kids, but just don’t have respect for other people or their property.

Kids out of control, is little bushes fault? Lol!

How about parents learn some responsibility (might be hard since many decided to be undisciplined hippies) & use a little discipline on their children.

I don’t know. Are they? I never was. But if I have to go with something I’d say underfunded schools. Or lack of meaningful leisures. Or a lack of social integration. Or economical problems. Damn. I said I’d go with something, not blabber out options ad infinitum. I don’t see any families out of control myself. But I live in Svenssonland.

I agree with robbo also. I’m 22 years old and I have never seen such kids nowadays that disrespect their teachers as if they were wild animals. I taught a sunday school class for many years and one year I had these 3rd graders that were so obnoxious, talking back, didn’t care whatsoever, were yelling - the whole nine yards. To the best of my ability, I tried to control, by playing different games and what not- but as I tried to approach their parents… a lot of them didn’t care… they weren’t scolded for their mistakes. In fact, many said it was my fault for not being able to control their “hyperactive” kid. I’m sorry, but your kid is a reflection of yourself… if I can’t control your kid, neither can you… cuz your kid must be spoiled…

another example… i worked at a daycare for 2 yrs… just recently we kicked out this 4 yr old boy who was not listening to anyone; he’d curse at us, saying the “f” word when he wouldnt get his way… throwing things, hitting other kids… im sorry but the mom was such a moron too… she didnt give a crap about her kid… she’d say things like i wish i never had him, hes driving me nuts in front of him… - things like that should not be said…

i think some parents need parenting class and should know how to take care of their children, and not leave them off to the side or give them everything they want; set some boundaries!

THANKS . Thats what we all need .Even when a family has split up For the
Parents to RESPECT each other and not make the children into wepons to get at each other.Also set boundries ,if you step over this will happen.AND MAKE DAM SURE NO IDLE THREATS.

Parents are a huge part of the issue.

I think public schools and forced socialization of children in those environments contribute as well.

In school you have to deal with and interact with people your parents would normally never let you get near.

I have seen some fantastic parents. Just this weekend on an all-day train trip, I saw these two parents - particularly the mom - who handled their children incredibly well, and reminded them constantly about politeness, attitude and behavior. I wish all parents cared so much to take the time. Time and effort can be critical.

I believe that parents should plan to have children and plan to make them the absolute highest priority - period. None of these “nights out with the boys” or “girls night out” drinking with your buds, letting the children be baby sat. Or focusing more on making money than raising their children. Priorities all screwed up.

If people are not ready to be fully committed parents, they should wait to have children until they are.

Plus the added benefit that the population would be greatly reduced, to limit impact on the environment.

So whatever the human race sacrifices in terms of quantity, we get back in terms of quality :iagree:
And the sacrifice is only temporary anyway. Lower social classes have a greatly reduced lifespan anyway :iagree:

The biggest issue, cause and problem rolled all-in-one is time.

Parents don’t take the time to listen and educate their kids
Kids don’t take the time to listen to their parents and teachers.
Teachers don’t have the time to educate each kid properly.

Time and the importancy of things is shifting. Updating your myspace profile is way more important than doing your homework. Levelling in World of Warcraft is more important. Parents have to work to pay all the huge bills. Teachers have goals to reach in order to get a little bonus. There is no time left to actually talk to each other, punish each other and not be a slave to the system. Wanna have your kids grow up the normal way? Spend time with them!

The ironic thing is that most people really don’t have a clue what actually is important for them and what’s not. Everybody wants to be entertained and educated but almost nobody take the time and effort.

I so :iagree: MR .Belvedere.
WE dont spend enough TIME. with our kids.
If parents can teach the basic stuff at home.
Disiplin ,Manners ,Respect,ect.

Teachers must be left to teach school stuff
Learning ,lessons ,what ever they have to teach and educate the children.
LISTENING plays a big part in all of our lives :iagree: