Why are my ps1 backups not working?



Okay to detail my problem

I burn a ps1 Iso using alcohol 120% (using the ps1 data type)
and using epsxe to test it

all it shows is a black screen and does nothing

Oh and to clerify if i just run the iso in epsxe on my Hard Drive it works perfectly

Tryed burning the .ccd file and then the .img
but both of them do the same thing…nothing at all

And i’m using epsxe to test the Cd roms before I order a ps-x-change boot disc
to well prevent this problem.

so can epsxe not run back cdroms?

Edit: Oh yeah i’m using memorex silver/silver Cd-R’s and also tryed a Memorex Cd-RW


You’d have been better off posting this in the Console Forum. :iagree:

Right, let’s start from the top. Don’t use Alcohol as your burning app. :disagree:

Back in the days when I used to make backups of my PS1 games, I used to use CDRWin to rip and burn to CD-R. I can dig out a guide for you if you want.

About that emulator, I used to use the same one myself a few years back. I had the same results as you - I could never get it to work off a PS1 CD-R in my CD-RW drive but I could get the game working off the Hard Drive.

I don’t know why this is. Maybe it’s a bug within the emulator software, I really don’t know.

And in any case, I thought that you said you’ve got a PS1 console? You know, using an emulator to test a game really isn’t an efficient way of finding out whether the game is a good working copy or not. :disagree:

You really need to try the backup copy on your PS1 console. If you use CDRWin correctly, then I can’t see a reason why you shouldn’t get a fully working backup copy of your game.


I have a ps1 console but was wanting to test if my burner could burn the games And get them to work before i paid 20+ for a mod chip

and yes could you plz post the guide :slight_smile:


Here’s your guide:


You might find that you can only download the latest version of CDRWin but the basic gist of this guide should still apply to the latest version of this software. :iagree:

Post another reply if you have any further problems. :wink:


i could be wrong but i dont believe any of your ps1 games will boot in your console without a modchip installed 1st :frowning:
as to why there not working from the disk in the emu u gots, im not sure but it seems like i rem, those ps1 emus to be a bit buggy.
get a chip and use cdrwin :slight_smile: u shouldnt have any issues.


A boot CD or a mod cartridge would do the same job without the need to crack open the console and soldering wires. :iagree:


Okay not exactly a proplem but i do have a question i went to the suported burners page and found my burner but what does the RICOH MP7480 mean?

BUSlink “48X24X52 CD-RW” RICOH MP7480

http://www.goldenhawk.com/devices_body.htm <–site

Edit: And Ps-x-change cd is cheapest alt I found besides a cartridge

Oh and another question (sry if im annoying :frowning: )

okay when playing backups like lets say ff7 where you change cd’s in the middle of the game or monster rancher will those games work? since its already past the boot?


Well, it’s got my Benq DW1650 listed as compatible with the Benq DW1640 and it’s got my LG GSA-5163D listed as compatible with the LG GSA-4160.

I’m not an expert on this but I think that this may have something to do with the crossflashing of firmwares for these particular drives to different models.



I used the cartridge method to play Syphon Filter 2 on my old PSX console. The game was stored on 2 CD-Rs.

What you need to do is to boot up the first CD like you would with any old backup game. You [I]must[/I] save an option file or a saved game file to a Memory Card once you’ve booted up the first CD - otherwise you will not be able to boot up the second CD.

With Syphon Filter 2, as soon as I completed all the missions on the first CD, it asked me to enter the second CD. This is where you take out the first CD, insert the boot CD again and then swap for the second CD of the game.

Once you’ve booted up the second CD, the game should ask you to load a saved game file and finally, your game should load like normal.

Keep in mind that only a handful of PS1 games are stored over multiple CD-Rs so you probably won’t need to carry out these steps for most PS1 games. :wink:


oh okay sweet ty for the fast reply :slight_smile:


clonecd and alcohol work good as well for ps1\2 games
and you would get a modchip for a ps1 for next to nothing with only a few wires to solder nothing like the ps2…


CloneCD is rare to find these days.

From what I’ve heard from this forum, the free version of Alcohol seems to bog down an entire system which causes conflicts with some CD/DVD drives and other application software.


What on earth are you talking about? :confused:

CloneCD is available from Slysoft as it has been for some years.


I meant a good version of CloneCD. You may disagree with me but I think that the later versions of CloneCD are not as reliable as the earlier versions.


And now i find out my burner can only burn at 4x up to 52x not funny any more :frowning:


That could be a blessing in disguise.

PS1 games in general, should be burned at the slowest speed possible.