Why are my posts are deleted?

I just wanted some help !!!

I don’t know. Most probably they contained illegal issues…or your posts contained stuff not allowed on this board. Have you read the board rules?

This is what the Senior Admin DATaxman on CDFreaks said about your posts:

Given the file names, I assume illegal download.

It was a crosspost anyway (deleted the crosspost)

I posted the same issue twice in sw and burning sw sectors because I didnt get any answer–but both where deleted ! I didnt write anything about downloading any files.

the file names did indicate they were obtained from a release group…

If the files were original backups of the original you owned, then feel free to contact me. If I am wrong, I am big enough to admit my wrong.

In general it would be wise not to post a topic like this but contact the moderator of the forum your post was in originally, we are all people of reason, no need to fear us.

This part of the discussion is closed.
Splitted the thread into this question and the software related question that was previously discussed in the same thread.

And since I did not receive an explanation that my assumption was wrong, you hereby receive a formal warning for requesting help on illegally obtained files!