Why are my MP3's hard to hear in my car?

I have an mp3 player and I use Itunes software. When I plug the player in in my car I have to crank both the player and my car stereo almost all the way up just to be able to listen to the music at a normal level. How do I fix this? Is there a setting I can change?


Hey Craig

What is the make of your mp3 player?
What type of car stereo unit is in the car?
How are you interfacing the mp3 player with the car stereo unit?


The usual culprit is the MP3 player. They typically run on 1.5 to 3 volt battery supplies and consequently don’t develop a full 1 volt audio output.

It’s an Ipod shuffle and I also often use my cell phone. I connect the two with a cable that goes from the 1.5mm jack on the mp3 player to the rca inputs of the stereo. It’s a panasonic head unit.