Why are my hands always cold?!

Hey, im 13 and my girlfriend says that my hands are always cold. They are cold everytime I look at them and I dont like it. I feel sorry for her because she always has to hold them, she doesnt complain, but I still sometimes dont do anything because of my cold hands. At school they even go blue from cold sometimes

Does anyone know:
*Why they are always cold
*How I can prevent them from being cold all the time

Also, I havent kissed her yet, but we have been together for a month and a bit now. She told me that she wants to kiss me, and I want to kiss her. The reason that I wont, is because I havent kissed a girl for 3 years, so I wouldnt be good at all. I would be really bad, and I dont want to look like a dick in front of her.

If anyone has any tips, please tell me.

Thanks:bow: :bow:

shouts after Hemi
My pinky gets all cold sometimes… I know a girl who also has cold hands. She doesn’t complain either… :slight_smile:

Now the kissing issue, how are you going to get good on it without practicing!? Go practice on her! :slight_smile:

About your cold hands, that can be because of a low blood pressure (my girlfriend has that).

About the kissing, just go ahead, she’s propably just as nerves about the first kiss as you and if your busy you know what to do (it’s in your instinct).

Just kiss her ; If she likes it , she’ll want more kisses :slight_smile:

Concerning the hands… you’re a little too young to start drinking , so i’d suggest a counsel with the best doctor this forum has.

Hemi !

Oh to be 13 again and know what i know now :slight_smile:

Rofl. Thanks for the kissing tip…I think. Lol

The thing about the hands is that they are cold ALL the time. I can warm them up, but in less than a minute they are cold again. Is there a reason for this? Someone told me that they go blue with coldness because there isnt enough blood circulating in my hands…but I dont know how to help that.


As far as the cold hands issue, you are right. Most times it is caused by poor blood circulation/low blood pressure. As fard as what to do about it, I’m not sure. I’m not a doctor. I would definitely get it looked at.

Good luck on the kissing thing. Like others have said, you gotta practice on someone!

cold hands could be;


hmm…don’t worry about cold hands…they will get warm when you start to kiss

Wear some mittens…:smiley:


hey guys…thanks sooo much for your help. i will try and do what you have said.

thank lots guys:bigsmile: :bow:

oh yeah…

who is this ‘Hemi’ and where can i find them? Could someone pleas PM them, with a link to this thread. THanks

Theone_1, fist of all, what you should do is go visit a certified physician about your problem. He will know best what it is caused by and treat it accordingly.

Cold hands are due to local vasoconstriction, aka narrowing of the blood vessels, therefore slowing down the circulation in that parts of the skin and thus no warm blood reaches the corresponding areas. It could be related to Raynaud’s phenomenon or not, which in turn could be a secondary symptom of other diseases of the connective tissue such as scleroderma or SLE (lupus).

(Raynaud’s Phenomenon: Raynaud’s disease or syndrome is a disorder of blood circulation, mainly in the fingers and toes. It is of unknown cause and characterized by changes of the skin that are aggravated by exposure to cold: first, becoming white with numbness and pain as a result of inadequate oxygenation of the blood, then red/purple with a burning sensation. The sudden constriction of blood vessels causes decreased blood flow to the extremities and can, in extreme cases, lead to gangrene. Also called “white finger”, “wax finger” or “dead finger”. )

Nothing that you can really do about it if it’s primary Raynaud (hopefully), just wear gloves and watch what you eat (no fats etc). Best you can do is go visit a doc about it.

… and go kiss that girl of yours :slight_smile:

Ok. Thanks a LOT guys. Im going to see her tomorrow, and I will post the details on this thread. If you want to know the details, just pop in and see what I wrote.

Once again, thanks. I think I will be with this forum for a long time. THe people are so friendly. Thanks again:bow:

Originally posted by theone1_
Im going to see her tomorrow, and I will post the details on this thread. If you want to know the details, just pop in and see what I wrote.

I forgot about the different time zones. At the moment it is 1:00am (My bedtime lol) So the post will be here in around just under 24 hours.Thanks again:bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Good luck buddy!

You can have an operation called a Sympathectomy, apparently. Might not sound so great to the girls tho’.

I also have very often cold hands. Now my girls warms them for me. Problem solved. :slight_smile:

Single men have for centuries had a special way of warming their hands… or one of them…

Ok. Thanks a LOT guys. Im going to see her tomorrow, and I will post the details on this thread. If you want to know the details, just pop in and see what I wrote.

thank you…for sharing. BUT…think about her privacy too.
Don’t tell to much details in here.

good luck…


nah its kool…she doesnt mind.

newayz, i just got back from seeing her and:

My hands didnt go cold once :smiley: BUT, we didnt kiss because her parents were always hanging around, and I get embarrased easily.:frowning: other stuff happened, but i would prefer not to mention it here :wink:

thanks for all your support guys:bigsmile:

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