Why are my dvds are jumping?

I have been using dvd decrypter or dvd shrink for a few weeks putting my dvd movies onto my hard drive & making copies of some on dvd -R but now all of a sudden my copies are pausing and jumping & squares appearing on the screen i am using the same brand of dvd -r cds (infiniti) does anyone have any idea as to why this is happening, the copies on hard drive play ok on pc its only the copies on dvd doing this…today i used Nero recode & the problem is worse :bow: please help Thanx

My dvd recorder is a BTC dual 8X

Most likely a media problem. I suggest you try some better quality media. Even though you’re using the same media as before, you can never be sure of the quality when you use a brand that is known to produce average quality media. I’m not that familiar with Infiniti so I can’t really comment on them but if you want good quality back-ups it’s best to stick to brands like Verbatim, Ricoh, Taiyo Yuden, etc. Also, when you use low(er) quality media it’s pretty common that they quickly degrade, meaning they may become unreadable within a few months or even weeks in extreme cases. This seems to be happening with your discs.

ok thanx i`ll try it out with better dvds. :slight_smile: