Why are my downloads so slow?

Im using azureus and the downloads i make are slow even though there are a lot of seeds and peers connected. plz help me

What is your ISP?

i have verizon online dsl

Are ports 6881-6969 forwarded to your ip address?

You can configure this on your router. Consult the manual.

ok i check on the site portforward.com and when i tried to get my static ip this error shows up

@The Trooper

Thats good old XP tossing up its own files! :stuck_out_tongue: Fix here


thanx for that^ i fixed it
now the problem is that i cant do step 2 on http://portforward.com/westell/2100-portforwarding.htm can u help me?

NEVER use ports 6881-6999 on BT ,they are throttled by most ISP’s use,say(as an example) ports 60123-60129 etc never use the standard ports.

fistoffury1 is correct, don’t use the standard ports. Several sites have already banned the use of the ports on their sites and most ISPs have throttled these ports.

:o @Shaw.ca is still fine with 6881-6969.