Why are MMC cards so expensive and SD cards so cheap?

I thought SD cards would be more expensive at manufacturing because of their CPRM support, but it seems that MMCs in the local shops are still as expensive as a year ago, but SD prices in the same time area fell by 50%!
My phone needs full-size MMCs and cannot work with SDs - I’m better off than those poor users who have to get RS-MMC though :Z

MMC cards are less popular and fewer than SD cards. SD cards are more popular for security features teh cards implememt and thus are abundant and this results in the ever so popular supply\demand theory. Because so many brands are out, there is more competition, which is betetr for us, the retail customer because this means a price war amongst the brands and we have our pick of the litter.

I use SD, mini-SD, and micro-SD mainly these days though it was mostly CF or MemoryStick in the past. Only my Fuji camera uses MMC but I can’t find a supplier that sells MMC chips at competitive prices. 2GB mini SD cards now are cheaper than 512MB mini SD cards when I bought a Transcend 512MB miniSD.

I got my 2GB MCC for $80 American shipped through buy.com and this is by a popular brand name too… Kingston

I think it is a good price for 2GB, but no doubt SD is soooo much cheaper nowadays

I know where you can get 2GB ones for £28.99 with a lifetime warranty but its in the uk.

You’re still very lucky, as lots of Fuji cams require XD cards now, which are even less competitive.
I’ve done more “research” on this topic, and it is more true than ever that the price depends on where you buy the cards - MMC cards [I]can[/I] actually be bought for competitive prices…
The CPRM copy protection on SD cards actually is old news and has been circumvented long ago.

I meant old types of MMC memory cards. They are expensive. 128MB for like US$20. XD memory cards are much cheaper in terms of cost per MB simply because they are newer.

you can get them for £17.99 now

This effect isn’t limited to MMC cards. The same effect can be seen with cables and small tools.
MMC card, 512 MB, smaller shop: € 15.09, € 15.69, € 15.69
bigger shop: only one model in stock, € 24.99

Smaller specialized shops are cheaper.
What’s the old type like?