Why are DVD-writers so slow at CD-R?



Why can’t the current DVD-writers go any faster than 16x in CD-R recording speed? It’s a mystery to me why you can’t have two good things at once in this case, why not just make a 48x CD writer that can do DVD?
Is it the pickup head, IC-circuits or something else?


Sony DRU-500A(X) has 24x CDR burning. :bigsmile:


While DVD burners don’t write as fast as CD-burners, most cannot read CD-R’s as fast as CD-ROM discs either. I would say it’s because the laser has a different wave length than dedicated CD drives.

One other thing I found odd about DVD+/-R(W)s is that the DVD burner can only read these at a much slower rate than a standard DVD-ROM disc. E.g. The Pioneer-A05 drive can read DVD-ROM discs at 12x, but can only read DVD-R and DVD-RW discs at 6x, i.e. half the maximum speed. This also applies with other brands. I thought that DVD-/+R’s were like CD-Rs in terms of being able to be read at the drives maximum speed.

I’m waiting for 4x burners to go below €150 before I go and get one. I’ll aim for a Liteon and/or dual format if possible.


well when the first dvd/cdrom drives came out they said they have multiple laser’s for the different wavelengths

i took my pioneer dvd-115 (16x) apart last week to mount it in my apex 600a and found that there is only one lense; whether there are 2 lasers below focusing through it, i cant tell; but i do have to say that the apex is 10x as more responsive w/ the pioneer 16x drive in it over its built in cheapo drive.


Originally posted by Manzzon
Sony DRU-500A(X) has 24x CDR burning. :bigsmile:

:o I’m a newb at DVD :slight_smile:

We want faster DVD’s!


Virtually every task a writer does have to be “optimized”. Building a 4/4/2.4/2/16/52/32/52 drive would certainly be possible, but getting it’s firmware to a useful state would take some time.


But if they built it, we would buy it! :slight_smile:


I thought I remembered that the LiteOn DVD±R/RW would support 48x CD-R recording. I tried to read the faceplate on the drive from the recent news story on the main page, but I couldn’t see what it said.