Why Are DVD+R discs marked [RW]?

Could someone tell me what the large [RW] symbol in a square means at the bottom of the label on a Verbatim DVD+R disc (Manufacturers ID: MCC 004) ?

I’ve got a mate who’s convinced it means they’re rewritable :confused:



Basically, the original DVD format was DVD-R and then a bunch of companies decided that they didn’t want to pay royalties for the DVD-R people and started their own DVD+R format and the “RW” that you see is just a symbol for the DVD+R alliance of companies (other people, please correct me if I’m wrong). It does not mean that it is rewritable. You can read it here .

It’s correct, that symbol is just the logo of the DVD+RW Alliance, the DVD Forum has the DVD-R/RW symbol/logo.

DVD Forum: http://www.dvdforum.org/forum.shtml
DVD+RW Alliance: http://www.dvdrw.com/

In case of PLUS media, the DVD+RW were developed and introduced before the DVD+R.

I’d have thought they’d’ve changed there logo to save new customers confusion - perhaps agreement amongst the entire alliance was a problem.

Cheers for clarifying it :slight_smile: