Why are DVD 9's so $$ and hard to get?

Why so expensive and unavailable? Every DVD for sale and rent comes from somewhere, why don’t we have access to these? There are hundreds of millions out there obviously, why can’t we get the ones the distribution companies get? All we have is a 1foot shelf section of memorexes (riteks) at fry’s. They work fine for me, but they could be cheaper!!

I expect (read:hope) this holiday season will push prices down.



The discs that manufacturers use aren’t BURNT at all. They’re PRESSED. They bear very little actual resemblance to the +R/DL media you buy at the store for $2 apiece.

The reason they’re pricey is simple - supply and demand. Demand is low. Why? Because right now odds are even with good media many/most people can’t make a successful dual-layer burn. Software mangles the layer breaks, burners mangle the discs, and players have low success rates with them.

Thus they just haven’t caught on.