Why are cd's necessary nowadays?

Hello everybody, im newbie here. So here’s my first Q.

It is my understanding that cds originated because at the time hard drives weren’t large enough. But now hard drives can hold tons o’ cds using emulators. My question is why can’t files just be copied directly to the hard drive and ran from the hard drive…why are emulators necessary??? Please answer this is perplexing me…i just gotta know.


Just think about how much a hard drive costs (and weighs) compared to a CD.

Sofware makers would be crazy to ditribute thier stuff on a hard drive.

Hmm…good question…why are floppies still handy?? :slight_smile:

New technology emerges at a pace throttled by business…cd is slowly replacing floppy, flash/thumb drives will replace them both…but all have niches that serve them well.

Imagine having to send you aunt thelma a 20 gig hard drive to show off your 300 meg of pic’s and video of you tip to the mountains…or your kids 3rd B-day…she has to plug it in…tell the pc to see it…:slight_smile:

Burn a CD…assuming she has tools to read it on her PC, or TV…this is why they are still useful…:slight_smile:

Hi kevcdcd,
this is basically to get around the copy protection on games. If you don’t have the correct hardware to copy a certain protection you can still play a backup of the original through your image/emulator software, hence the need for emulators.

Also the program itself looks for an actual CD Drive, not a destination on the hard drive. Emulators can imitate a physical CD drive so the program thinks that it IS a real CD drive.

a Cunundrum…yeah I botched the spelling…deal with it…:slight_smile:

What use would CD emulators be…on big hard drives…if there were no CD’s to rip??? Hrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmm :bigsmile: