Why are blurays getting ridiculously expensive?


An ebay search for verbatim of taiyo yuden brings up them costing $100-$500! There are only two sellers that have them at a reasonable price ($25 for 20x lth). I also noticed this on amazon… $55 for 20 verbatims and they aren’t even lth…


TY stopped production some years ago.

And I´m not sure TY LTH are so good as CMC MAG BA5 HTL


I haven’t bought any in years, but I’m onto my last cakebox.
What is a good alternative for TY discs?


Well, currently the only recommendable BD-Rs are Panasonic 6x (MEIRA1) (the 4x Panasonics (MEIT02) have gotten far to expensive), and CMCMAGBA5 e.g. as Verbatim DataLife 6x.
I actually can’t recommend LTH BD-Rs.
If you can find Verbatin DataLife Plus BD-Rs (VERBATIMe), you could try those too.


I thought lth verbatims were the best of the best?


Why do you think that? LTH could not be the best because not all drives can read it, compatible drives can read and write it only at lowerspeeds.

Oinker is right :bigsmile:


If there’s anything like the best of the best it’s Panasonic.


I just thought HTL were trash because they’re organic and people have found their data is no longer readable after only a few years. Everyone said go with lth


$60 for a spindle of 30 on amazon… I could use a hard drive instead for backup at that price


HTL is anorganic, LTH is organic.

CD and DVD are also organic, and I have media which works since 18 years



Remark: I don´t have made accelerated aging tests, but in my experience the HTL-Ritek don´t live so long as LTH from MKM and Taiyo Yuden


Yeah, that result of that study puzzled me a bit, too. I still avoid RiCrap like the plague. :smiley:


I want to say that those tests not everytime show the natural aging :wink:

It´s a shame what BD-R-media Ritek produce, still very pleased with my old old phthalocyanin Ritek CD-R and actual F1 and F16 DVD-media


Maybe the movie studios are trying to make it not profitable to copy a bluray movie. If the blanks cost a bundle, you may as well buy the original. I have not backed up a disc in years, and when I do its not a bluray.


I use them for data backup, but haven’t backed up in quite some time, have about 2.5tb to write.


Are they much worse than the worst verbatims? I can only afford those two brands (ordinary verbatim). Sony and panasonic are so expensive that I could do backups to two different hard drives for the same amount of money.


Also is there any reason to avoid discs that have been repacked onto a spindle by the seller? They do it to lower shipping costs - I can get 10 50gb discs for the price of 5 sealed ones.


Sometimes I hear re-packed media can be a bit dirty or scratched, so it depends how tidy the seller works

Got also repacked media from HQ4U and some discs looks awful


If Panasonic & Sony are too expensive for you, I can only recommend VERBATIMe (1 BD-R around €1 here in Europe) or CMCMAGBA5 (1 BD-R around 50ct here).

Regarding re-packed discs, the Panasonics I bought on eBay from Japan came with a bit dust here and there, but no scratches, so cleaning them with a micro-fiber cloth was enough.