Why Am I Seeding So Slowly?

Please, please can anyone help me with a problem that’s been driving me mad?

Can anyone explain or suggest anything to me as to why I’m seeding so slowly. My download speed is quite good now but my seeding is so very slow.

I unistalled and re-installed utorrent yesterday to see if that would make a difference as I hadn’t done the speed check on the first installation and I was told that the more files you have seeding takes up all your bandwith??? making browsing the internet slower, but infact it’s actually made the seeding slower so of course my ratio is getting less and less. I’ve downloaded some free files and also some new popular downloads (even though I don’t want them for myself) to see if that would speed things up but it hasn’t?

So obviously I don’t want to download anymore until some of the one’s I have downloaded have seeded properly, even the free one’s as they are taking ages to seed.

I’m leaving my computer on all the time, infact never turning it off, so I can’t understand what I’m doing wrong!

I’d very much appreciate any help / advice that you could give me please.

Thank you.


First of all make sure the files you are downloading
are legal. Then it’s probably because you are downloading
to many files at once. Also check to see that you are
using the latest version of UTTORRENT. It could be that an
up grade can download faster. Also check how many seeders are
seeding the more seeding the faster the peeing.

Hi zap em

The files I’m downloading are legal yes and at the moment and for the last 24 hours I’ve not been downloading anything just seeding and I’m only seeding about 7 files. I’m also using the latest version of utorrent as I uninstalled it and reinstalled it the other day but this time I did the speedcheck etc. as recommended. Now I get good download speeds but it only downloads a couple at a time and only seeds a couple at a time at a mega slow rate, which of course takes my ratio forever to get back up high.

But the funny thing is before I uninstalled it I didn’t do the speedcheck etc. and it download / uploaded loads with great uploading speeds even though the downloading speed wasn’t so great but at least my ratio was going up much quicker?

Any advice please?

Certain files with(for example, 4.0 GB or more)takes more time to download, even if you have more than 20 seeders. I recently downloaded a file that was 4.97 GB, and It took a little over 2-3 days to download. You might wanna pause the rest of the files and just focus on that one file if it’s a big download. When you don’t, the upload speed is shared with the other files, thus taking it away form that one file. In fact, when you download more than 3 files, upload speed is split between them, so it takes longer for them to download.

Thanks for the advice Zell13 much appreciated :slight_smile: