Why am I getting this error message?

Any ideas? Im not sure whats going on here, Unless when i did put the ide cables (a seperate cable for each of my two burners) back into the board, i put them into the wrong slots, opposite to how they were before, what do you reckon>?

Go into TOOLS then SETTINGS and click on the DEVICE tab. Put a check mark in [B]Disable Media Change Notification[/B]. you won’t see that message anymore.

nope, still getting that message :-/

Did you remove the disc? Try a reboot.

naa tells me unable to disable, and unable to enable either way i do it. Tells me the parametre is incorrect. wtf? I wonder if Nero has screwed with anything :confused:

Try a re-install. But perhaps, simply, something else has gotten hold of your drive. Check this out in Process Explorer.


I had this when I had a driver for my SATA card that was for a higher version than the actual SATA card BIOS.

Happened when I allowed Windows Update to download/install a more recent driver.

i reckon I will just leave it, its not bugging me THAT much. :rolleyes: I just click ignore and carry on. The rest of my system is running fine.