Why am I getting high PI failures and errors

I have NO luck with my 1213s burner. I cant make any backup’s of my kids movies. I tried everything. Why are they all so high? And what is a NORMAL reading. I just ran some tests and I get :
PI errors of 354
PI failures 38
I get about the same with Ritek DVD-R GO3
and Yuden000 T02 about the same.

P4 3.2gb cpu
1 gb Corsair ram(ddr 400)
160 SATA western digital hd
Intel D875PBZ mb
Liteon 1213s burner
Liteon 166s dvd

can you scan the media and post the result?

I consider under 50 average for PI is a good disc.

You might want to try crossflashing it to a 1633S using BS41 firmware. You will find a crossflash version on my site (see my signature). If it doesn’t help you can always crossflash back to the 1213S firmware. Let us know how you get on and as toant103 said, provide some scans of you burns. See these FAQs for advice on doing this:

OK I unistalled ASPI and re-installed force aspi 4.6. Are these good results? I dont know what is considered bad, good, & excellent. Anyway I got
PI errors Average: 23.14 PI Max: 440 Total: 306102
PIF Failures average:1.37 PIF Max:48 Total: 25682
This dvd is Yuden T002 DVD+R. IT will NOT play correctly in any of my house dvd players? I reburned with Ritek G04 DVD-R and got pretty much the same PI and PIF.

average of 23.14 PI is pretty good, but your max PI seem to be really high. Can you save the picture of your scan and upload it somewhere and link it here so we can see it. You might want to set the booktype to dvd-rom using liteon booktype tool settings. By the way, how old are your dvd player in your house? And can you play this disc on the computer?

Thanks, here it is. Also my other scans i didnt save but I wrote them down.

Well here they are:
PI Average: 19.46 PI max:354 Total:253128
PIF Average 1.27 PIF max: 38 Totla: 23636

sorry here it is

What we need to see is the screen that is displayed after you close this dialog (the graph). :wink: Also make sure you do your scans at 4x speed. This is the standard for comparison, on the Liteon forum…

something like this

Well yes, if he was using KProbe that would be the right graph, but he’s using Nero CD-DVD Speed. :wink:

codeking, do you have the 822s firmware? i want to get my 822s back. I flashed it long ago with the 832s firmware.

How this?

that’s a really good burn for this media

whats the best media to use with my Liteon1213s? Im trying to back up a whole collection of my childrens movies(over100 of them)

Probably YUDEN000T02.

Thats no good for me. I was using them(Dvd+R) and the best I got was:
PI errors Average: 23.14 Max: 440
PIF error Average:1.37 Max: 48

Ritek G04(Dvd-R) gives me the better score

Wow, that’s strange to get better results with RITEKG04 over YUDEN000T02. Lite-On must have some messed up write strategy for the TY discs.

My liteon came with a Richoh JPN R02(+R). Where can I buy these from?

@ mark44
IMHO RICOHJPNR01 are better than R02’s. You can burn these at 8x with great results or burn them at 4x for better results.

Or you can get the RICOHJPNR02s and burn them at 12x, or 8x for better results. :wink:

See the 12x result here.

Attached is the 8x result.