Why am I dumb?



Okay, got a .bin image of the Sims w/the cue file, loaded the cue in cdrwin and made sure the correct directory is specified, the burn completes successfully every time but when I check windows explorer the cd comes up as “Compact Disc” i.e. no label. What’s wrong here? The cue file looks like this:

TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 0000

I dunno, seems like I’m missing a TOC or something…don’t have much experience with ISO’s, but I read the faq and have burned one with the .iso extension with no problems. Please help!


Burned Sims using Fireburner, always works for me…but burned it too using cdrwin & nero.

Did SFV reported no errors after dl?

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As Said many times before on this site. Make sure you use a correct key to register CD-Rwin. If you use a wrong key, CD-Rwin WILL burn, but only produce screwed up cd’s.

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What’s SFV? I don’t think there were any errors. And I’ve burned two .iso images with no problems whatsoever, it’s just been this one .bin file that’s been a problem. While I’m at it, can anyone explain how the copy protection with Homeworld works? I got a key generator, and the program took the key, but whenever I try to run it it says “invalid homeworld cd”. Sorry for all the requests, I’m just new to the iso scene.


svf :
search in the cdfreaks ubb.