Why always Lite-On, Plextor, .... why not HP?

I see in many messages that as CD burner Lite-ON, PLextor and other engines are mentioned or adviced again & again.
Why ?

I bought a HP CD-writer Plus 9200i because it allows me to read & burn with the same engine.

Any comment & advice will be very welcome.

Just use the search for info about various kinds of CD writers. I have a Plex and a LiteOn and like them very much. But if you are happy with HP, that’s fine with me :wink:

HP doesn’t make any cd writers as to my knowledge…

Well this is not correct.
If you visit the website of HP you will find out by yourself.

Anyway I have one : type CD-Writer Plus 9200. I burn CDs of archived documents on it with Nero.

But may question is why are those who run the forum are so enthousiastic about Plextor, Lite-On, and so on.
When I shopped around before I bought the HP I was very much interested by Plextor … but the people involved with computer management inside companies adviced me to buy a HP.

But I feel here - people having much more expertise on writting/burning - that there is an other appreciation of those CD-writers.

Your point of view will be very welcome.

If I remember correctly HP OEM’s some other company’s drives, they don’t make any themselves. They just put their name on it…

LiteOn is liked by people because they are cheap, fast and backs up just about every game.

Plextor is known for it’s extremly high quality drives, and they are great for copying audio. They are a little expensive though, but you get good support for your money.
(LiteON suppport is just about non-existant… We take most of their support-errands ;))

HP has stopped their production of CD-RW drives. All HP CD-RW drives you currently see are old stock. Besides that, their drives were never anything special. New copy protections currently need drives that have special capabilities and people want good value for their money.

HP rebadged a lot of companies. An HP drive can be made by: (I’m sure that this list is incomplete…) LG, Philips, Ricoh… And so on… And are double the price of the same writer with the original manufacturer’s name :slight_smile:

I received several very good supports.
It made me understand much better the prospect to buy in the future a new burner.
And as far as I understood from Airhead it was better that I stuck to my initial choice : the Plextor.

Many thanks to everybody !!

Well I’m more biased towards LiteOn than Plextor… But oh well, maybe you don’t copy games and like to pay alot… :slight_smile:

because HP are shit.

Most of HP’s older models were rebadged Sony’s…But now,even Sony uses other brands to rebadge(Ricoh,LiteOn)…:bigsmile:

I have an HP 8200 with a 9100 firmware. It works great and haven’t had any problems with it. I’m sure it’s not as good as a LiteOn or Plextor as I’ve never used one, but they are decent. BTW, I think my is a rebadged Sony 175x or something like that.

My 8200@9100 made discs with many “damaged” sectors…and also had trouble closing the disc at 8x, so I went back to 8200 1.0g


Windows XP Professional SP1
Pentium 4 2.53GHz
Asus P4S8X
1024MB Corsair XMS 2700 C2 (2x 512MB)
LiteOn LTD-165H (fw. CH0Q)
Lite-On LTR-48125W (fw. VS08)
Western Digital 120GB SE 7200RPM x2
Radeon 9700 Pro -<--------------nice…
Sound Blaster Audigy
Princeton Graphics Systems EO900F Flat Screen CRT

Darn …:bow: :bow: :bow: nice…

What’s really nice is that the RAM, motherboard, and 9700 Pro all worked together. Judging by www.asusboards.com, nearly any two of these together is fatal (well, sort of)

yeah I pinched pennies all summer to buy that setup, not even the latest and greatest anymore - faster writers, faster CPUs, better motherboards with same chipset or newer chipset, new revision of 9700 Pro, bigger hard drives. But this should last me a few years I hope

Originally posted by Escuchamezz
because HP are shit.

Most of us on the forum understand that, but please be more descriptive to WHY you have that opinion.