Why all this hassle?

i see all those max payne 2 threads about ways to burn it and stuff and i think to myself “why all those people make their lives hard?” after all, why burn a perfect copy of the game when you can just use winiso to convert the 2 bins to isos, open the files onto a new directory and install directly from there? it’s nice, fast, and so much more easy. and because those 2 isos are 618 and 697MB each you can burn each of them onto cds and give to friends and such and they work everywherer as long as your friend have an HD… the only difference is that you need to extract the files before installing the game. isn’t it easier?

so, hmm… why?

uh, maybe cuz u need the play cd to run the game?

use a no cd patch. there is one for every game

Originally posted by gargar
use a no cd patch. there is one for every game

And that my friend is illegal and thus not allowed on this forum.

Thread closed, warning issued.
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