Why Adaptec Direct CD is better than nero INCD



hi guys,
I've used direct CD 3 for a few years now to compile my CDs.
But cause i've got a new liteon 40x, directcd is'nt compatible anymore (not recognise Drive). So i've been forced to use nero instead.

i tried to use nero to do data compilations which was fine,
but i found that i could not ( did not know) how to delete files
from the newly created CDr. Advise welcomed.
So I read somewhere that INCD does this, so i loaded and used it.
It was ok, similar to adaptec, but why do you have to use CD-RW discs, when adaptec uses CDr ??(cheaper and faster to write to).

I therefore found adaptec better than incd because :-
- formatting new cdr is quick(er)
- uses CDr disks
- can eject the cd from tray on the fly (press eject button)
- CDr can be used in any computer, whereas INCD has to have
somthing installed on a computer to read the CDRW (correct me if i'm wrong please - i'm hoping i am

INCD good features :-
- when you eject from menu cd converted for use in another cd drive on same computer automatically(?)
- Am i missing any other notable features ??

Also are there any better packet writing software available and why.

Please post your comments and opinions/advice as i still new to nero/INCD. I just miss adaptecs simplicity.

thanks for reading/replying


I agree with you that DCD is better than INCD. I Use both but DCD is more versitile and you can use CDRW & CDR’s


Most folks don’t use packet writing, you should’t either unless you also have the data stored on HD. It’s unreliable and the software is all pretty much junk. I suspect that you have a couple things confused, firstly : you cannot “delete” anything from a CDR.
Although CDR is more reliable for packet writing than RW, it’s still a crap-shoot as to whether your data will be accessable.
WriteCD-RW is a newer program that supports Mt Rainier and CDR, it seems to be pretty good, but UDF and RW is still, and will always be, an unreliable thing.
You need to learn to use multisession recording in Nero, it will do the same thing except it’s not available in Explorer.


if someone can help me to do this in nero, I would me much appreciated


There are a couple pages on this in the Nero manual. If you look at the multisession tab in the compilation dialogue you will see the various settings. Many of the settings are self-explanatory. There is a learning curve for Nero, but if you stick with it you will find it does pretty much everything you need.


I use udf packet writing with InCD for 2 things. I right click and send all of my setup files that I download from the internet to my cd burner and when I finish doing my checkbook with Money 2002, I back it up to a cdrw instead of a floppy. Is there a way that I could use the multisession for either of these 2 things?


  1. write the file to HD
  2. open a new compilation in Nero, select “continue multisession”
  3. burn the file, using the appropriate settings regarding adding and/or overwriting files.


I had the same problem using DirectCD version 3.05 (last available update before directcd 5.0) with non supported CD drives.

How to “crack” DirectCD 3.05 to let them use non supported drives:
I need to use Mitsumi CR-480ATE instead of the last supported Mitsume CR-4808TE under WinNT. Under Win200o you have to choose an other path in the registry.

Find in the Registry (only WinNT)

Edit entry PARAM1 from “CR-4805TE” to "CR-48XATE " (use “X” instead of “0”).

Now DirectCD 3.05 supports also the new drive.

Do the same and look for LitoOn drivers in the registry. It must be one of the entries in this registry path above. There are 349 supported drives. Just rename this PARAM1 entry to you new drive and I hope you can use DirectCD 3.05 with your new drive.

See you, Tomas


Originally posted by npb
Also are there any better packet writing software available and why.

I can’t help you from personal experience as I don’t use packet writing software. However, a number of people whose judgment I respect have told me that the packet writing software within Nti cd maker pro is superior to both directcd and incd. If you can’t get directcd to work with your writer and don’t care much for incd, you might want to try the Nti product as an alternative.


Im having similar problems with writing cd-rw disks myself. i used to have a teac 4x4x24 cd-rw drive that i used to backup my mp3 files and other programs. using cd-rw rather than cd-rs for me was not a problem the cost wasnt a factor since there is little difference. it sucks that the capacity wasnt as good as a cd-r tho. anyway i used DCD to write my cd-rws and everything was just fine, that is until i got my plex 24x10x40a it didnt come with any packet writing software to speak of. disk dupe 2000 which to me seems pretty crappy. anyway ive been using clone cd, nero 5.0 for backing up games but i had heard that adaptec products dont like nero or vice versa, so i got incd because at the time i was having problems from having dcd and nero installed togather, i uninstalled dcd and tried incd now i cant format new cd-rws i get a general error everytime, or it will hang up my entire system at the 4 min 09 sec mark (weird huh) and now ive noticed that my old cd-rws that i had backed up from before are un readable im guessing due to the format/file system being CDFS i can see that in properties when i try to browse thru the cd its unreadable.
so to sum it all up my problems are…
#1 cant format new cd-rw`s.
#2 cant read existing cd-rw i had made with DCD.
#3 i really prefer using nero over ez cd creator so id like to keep using that. i thought nero had packet writing capabilitys but i was wrong.
is there one good program i can use that will solve this problem? one of you guys mentioned an NTI program that ive never used. anyone else have any ideas or suggestions i can try?

Thanx :bow:


is there one good program i can use that will solve this problem? one of you guys mentioned an NTI program that ive never used. anyone else have any ideas or suggestions i can try?

I have tried “WriteCD-RW” from http://www.softarch.com/us/products/index.html
It appears to be a very nice little utility, and is should considering the high price. I am unable to use any UDF programs as they cause system crashes, but this one is the simplest I have seen… also supports CDR writing and Mt Rainier, it is also supposed to be able to access your old DCD discs.


directCD, InCD, Bclips

are pretty much cr@p as far as packet writing goes
they all take an hour to format a DVD-RW

VOBinstantDVD+CD will do the job in 2 mins
and I have had no trouble at all with it, since I found it.

The other packet writing packages will completely ruin
this proggy if loaded at the same time.

I had pretty much given up on packet writing
until I found this package!!!


just a note, ( kind of advertisement ? … )
when we developed copytocd, it was to solve my personal need… because packet writing programs don’t fit my need… I don’t like the reliability , the fact the program is in memory ( especially when I don’t use it )
and because the MP3 to CD audio process is not handle ( the same for others kind of features like Picture slideshow etc… )
Of course XP included burning software with powertoys are not too bad… but when I want to burn it is now… I can’t borrow to wait the end of the iso preparation… it is why we tried to summarize all the question needed at the beginning of the process ( insert a media, media size check, output format for audio cases ) …

it was just my personal opinion about packet writing software vs … .iso style burning software.




Is copytocd a this a packet writing software and does it do :-
1)drag n drop in explorer
2)use CDr and CDrw
3)allow cds to be read in all computers without additional software
4)work better than directCD and the others


CopytoCD is not a packet writing app…
you don’t have a drag and drop, but a context menu from explorer.
It works with cdr and cdrw.
it doesn’t need additionnal software ( it’s why we don’t develop a packet writing apps ) …

and … for developpers, you can use copytocd from your application.


Well, I have just joined this forum and my worst suspicions are confirmed by npb. I’m really pissed off. My new motherboard would not recognise my old Ricoh so I bought an ASUS 2410a with Nero and InCD.

DCD worked just fine. My main CAD backup CD has been written to every couple of days or so for a little over two years - lots of files. Indeed about 99.9% of my stuff is on CDRs made with DCD and nearly all are unclosed. So now, this crappy InCD won’t recognise them.

I would never normally use CDR/Ws. They are slow, overpriced and unreliable. Using them for data backup is a pointless exercise.
Fortunately I have a couple lying around and I guess I can use them temporarily in preference to going through the tedium of backing up data with Nero.

I have just checked the Roxio site and they claim the Asus is OK with ECDC 5.1a and later.

So my question is:

Can DCD co-exist with Nero?

I’m happy to get rid of the InCD junk but I believe DCD must have ECDC installed, even if it isn’t used and maybe the problem lies there.

Thank you


to np99

Nero 5.5.x.x cannot coexist on the same system with directCD3.05. The problem is that, when Nero is installed, DirectCD doen`t notice an inserted CD into the drive.

If you insert an empty CD-R normaly DirectCD notice that and let the user format the CD-r. If Nero is installed, DirectCD doesn`t notice this inserted empty CD-R.
You have to shot down DirectCD via taskmanager and restart it twice, then DirectCD recognice that empty CD-R.

Did you (np99) tried to edit the Registry and crack DirectCD in that way that DirectCD supports your new drive ??
Please let me know…



>Did you (np99) tried to edit the Registry and crack
>DirectCD in that way that DirectCD supports your
>new drive ??
>Please let me know…

No. I understood that was for W2k only. I’m in 98. I’m also easily spooked by RegEdit! Besides, I have made a couple of burns with Nero and it seems fine, which is why I asked the question about co-existance.

My DCD is 3.05. It might be a tall ask for it to support a 24x CDR.
This is all a bit new and unexpected. I may ditch Nero altogether but I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about ECDC5.1


Dee Why NSW


to np99

DCD3.05 installs some entries into the Registry.
You just have to find in the Registry the entries for your new drive in the “Windows 95/98” section of the file see below:


Download and open with a texteditor.
Find section Windows95/98 (right on top) and find an old type of your new driver (like “CR-4805TE”, old Mitsumi, “CR-48XATE”, new Mitsumi).
Just replace the old entry with the new type.
For my Mitsumi it`s device 44 in all sections (win95/98, NT, w2k).

An entry looks like the following:


REGKEY = SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Cdrpwd\Device0\Driver
FILE = REG_SZ:cdrmmc
REGKEY = SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Cdrpwd\Device0\Parameters
PARAM6 = REG_DWORD:1073741860
PARAM7 = REG_DWORD:536870948

Hope you`ll get it…



im thinking that what you guys are talking about may be the root of my problem also. i used to use direct cd and easy cd creator (dont remember what versions) quite a while back with an older system, but ive still got the same hard drive so maybe direct cd didnt totally uninstall. i had read that direct cd conflicted with nero, i had them both installed at the same time briefly and wanted to use nero rather than ECDC because it was making coasters alot of the time. anyway it gave me problems that i thought were due to having DCD installed with nero so i uninstalled DCD and ECDC and i had alot of CD-RWs that i had made with DCD but i had no packet writing software installed. i thought nero had this feature and spent some time trying to figure out how to use nero work with my CD-RW disks. (i was still pretty new to it) so now ive tried incd it hangs up my system every time i try to format a new CD-RW, ive just today tried one called “Write CD-RW” it was a demo with a 15 day trial but when i try to format with it it just never finishes, it will fill the progress bar and look like its finished but after letting it run for 8 hrs while i was at work today i guess its not going to work either. so what should i do. im thinking about formatting my C drive and just starting over but i hate to lose my stuff should i check for those registry lines you were talking about? any help would be appriciated alot.