Why 3500AG sucks at 8X but superb at 16X?

I tested this many times, and my Plextor 708 beats every time my 3500 @ 8X. the same amount of data is burnt in 7:15 with the Plextor, but in 9:45 with NEC. The same brand of media Ritek every time either. Can someone explain this. Shouldnt NEC burn proper 8X speed?

Shouldn’t Plextor charge a fair price for their drives? :confused:

Dont get me wrong, I love my 3500. It just performs better @4X with Verbatim media (the last ones remaining). Maybe it is Ritek specific, and I dont have any other 8X brand to test. I wont buy any from now on either. I bought a lot of Verbatim 16X. It was just a question, for there is a big difference in time.

Yes, it does burn properly at 8X on the 3500. But speed doesn’t matter to me. Quality does.

The NEC and Plextor drives use different strategies in reaching 8x speed. The NEC uses Z-CLV (Constant Linear Velocity in a number of Zones) whereas the Plextor uses P-CAV (Constant Angular Velocity until maximum is reached, followed by Constant Linear Velocity for the rest of the burn).

It is easier to implement Z-CLV with a certain writing quality than P-CAV, but P-CAV is faster.

Here are some screenshots showing the difference. The first is Z-CLV writing with the NEC-3500AG the second one is P-CAV writing with Plextor PX-712A: