Why 3 files on CloneCD image files

I don’t understand why CloneCD image files is divided into 3 files. One *.ccd file, one *.img file and one *.sub file, while other image types like *.nrg and *.iso only is one file. It could at least have been 2 files like the cue/bin files.

in the file *.sub the subchannel data is stored, which is not done by any of the other programs.

But I think, it’s strange and unnecessary that the SUB-file is still included, even if you DO NOT read Subchannels from a CD.
By example, BlindRead creates a SUB-file ONLY if SUBs are really be read …

maybe we should tell it to Olli…

I did a reading of a PS2 game last night…first in CCD then in BlindWrite ( I had to patch the bin file) and all files created was the same size…subs and “main” file. So they are doing they same job. But I prefer CCD.

its probably easier to have the sub file there whether you read them or not. im 90% sure that the ccd file acts as a cue file, putting the img and the sub back together, rather than doing a bin, ripping subs and regular data into one file.