Why 2 sets of English Subtitles?

I have noticed when using Clone DVD that DVD’s often have 2 check boxes for English subtitles. Is there a difference and if so, which should I select when using CloneDVD, or should I select both? :confused:

Often there are multiple subtitles with the same language. They are however not the same. One can be for the main audio track while another can be for an additional audio track like Director’s Comment. When you’re on the last screen of CloneDVD you will see that the screen is divided into two parts. The right part let’s you select the subtitle language but then it will take all subtitles with the same language. So, for instance, if you select English here, it will take all the subtitles that are in the English language. If you do not want this and you only want to rip one subtitle, then select the ones you want on the left side of the window. Here you can select each subtitle separately per video track. If there are multiple subtitles with the same language, the first listed subtitle is usually the main subtitle. To be sure, I personally transcode the DVD to files first, then I watch them in PowerDVD and check if the subtitle I selected was indeed the correct one. If that is the case I return to CloneDVD and burn the files to DVDR. Hope this helps :wink:

it’d be easiest just to retain all subtitles because they hardly take up any space. the most common reason for a dvd to have multiple subtitles of the same language is that one set is just for translating the foreign language dialogue in the movie while the other set is for subtitles throughout the entire movie.

Yes - I’ve run into cases where one English subtitle choice was for subs throughout the movie, and the other was strictly the “forced” subtitles which can go on and off for brief non-english speaking scenes.
In DVDShrink (in Re-Author mode) you can experiment to determine which of these is for the forced subs, so you can default to it on the copy, if you want. However, I don’t think CloneDVD2 can do this, so you may be forced to change the subtitle selection when you start playing the dvd.

Many thanks for the replies. I think I will just select both check boxes on the left hand side to be safe, especially if that is unlikely to affect the overall quality.