Why 1653S is slower than NEC 3500AG?

Hello guys
I’ve a LiteON 1633S@1653S with CS02 firmware modded by Omnipatcher and a Nec 3500AG with lastest Quikee V3 beta 3 firmware.

The trouble is that… the LiteON burn all DVDs at certified speed, for example a RICOHJPN R02 8x certified is burned at 8x if I try to modify the speed (by Omnipathcer) to 12x or 16, the resulting DVD is DAMAGED.

Also Nec with modded firmware automatically recognizes almost 8x DVDs+R at 16X. for example
RICOHJPN R02 8x --> 16x
MBIPG101 R03 4x --> 12x
MCC 003 8x --> 12x
And the DVDs where burn PERFECTLY without bad sectors etc.

I was a LiteOn’s fan before this day. :sad:

Just because NEC can overspeed a burn doesn’t mean the LiteOn can do the same, or vice versa. Both uses different chipsets to do similar functions, and there are limitations, in hardware, softare, and/or firmware.

Yes it’s true, but in these conditions NEC drive is BETTER than LiteON in terms of QUALITY and SPEED. :rolleyes:

With the x3 series of firmwares simply changing the speedid byte does not work anymore. Instead you have to change the write strategy to a native 12x or 16x media code, e.g you could change MCC003 to MCC004. Check the strategy changing thread for details.

Yes, I tried to change write strategy as you described but the resultant DVD has bad sectors at the end. :sad: I hope that there is a method to improve write quality in our LiteONs! :a

i have had many failures overspeeding on the 3s series - i got a nice crop of ricohjpnr02’s and using the ricohjpnr03, and a couple other still get bad burns - i need to find a way to overspeed…

Today, I’ve purchased SOHW-1653S. This drive has the same performance as SOHW-1633S@BS41. I think owner of 1633S do not need to buy this drive.

The BS41 firmware release was for North America only, IIRC, since the 1653 wasn’t going to be released here. Thus, a 1633 w/BS41 = 1653 as far as all the write and read speeds. Besides, Sony had promised the 710 to be upgradeable to have 12x DVD-R and 4x DVD+R9.

My experience has been the same. I get excellent results burning MCC003 using the 12X speed hack in OP and stock strategy. I have not found any swap on any other media that gives usable results above 12X. I do get excellent 16X burns with MCC004, but then that is to be expected, since it was designed to be written at that speed.

I sometimes wonder other than ego gratification why I even try. Since I get 8X burns with less PIF errors than I have fingers, how important is the 2 minutes per disc I save going from from 8 minutes@8X to 6 minutes@16X?

btw - here is my thread on overspeeding RICOHJPNR02’s - i think MCC004 at 16x produces the LEAST ERRORS OF ALL 16X capable strats … and it’s not decent. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=788403#post788403