Why 107D only burn 24x @ CDR

Hi people!

why does the pioneer and most other high-quality burners only burn cdr@24x? Devices from liteon, benq, btc and other burn cdr@40x and higher.

i`am very interested in the answer. is this hardware quality related?

I’m not really sure why the cdr speed is only 24x. At this point, most drives write cdr at 40x to 48x. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until the 52x cdr speed will be a standard feature. I think Pioneer will update it on their next drive.

Too bad it’s so slow at cdr’s. I almost bought the drive, but this was one of the things holding me back.

Im not at all conserned with the slow 24x speed for cdr because of my 52X liteon drive. I wont use my dvd burner for burning cdrs. Even if it could burn faster than it does.

Everyone’s needs are a little different. I have my dvd writer in a Shuttle computer so there is only room for one optical drive. I like one drive that can handle all my discs. There is no shortage of cdrw drives at my house, but they are not in my room, and it nice for the convenience.