Why %100 CPU Usage During Ripping?



I am getting %100 CPU usage with my Lite-On 411S@811S during ripping the DVD Videos. Is that normal?. my CPU usage during burning process varies between % 5-%35. I have AMD3000+, 512 MB Kingston DDR, MSI KT600 based Motherboard, Diamond 9200SE with 128 MB Video Card and Windows XP Professional OS.


yes. It’s also decrypting the video , demacrovisioning the video, etc. Basically it’s processing everything that comes off the DVD.

basically 2 things are limiting your ripping speed.

  1. CPU number crunching ability
  2. DVD reading speed limit.


You may also find that DMA has been disabled for the drive. See the vaious posts here (use search) to find how to reenable DMA for your drive.


No DMA is enable and system work flawlessly.