Wht do people think abt dc++



when was this introduced? i got to know it very recently and how come it seems legit to use and its out there i guess its coz its only a hub and millions connect to it, and also since its not hosting a central server its not illegal its everyones hard drives on everyones hard drives i guess, btw this takes p2p to a whole new level anyone know of any substitute to this, me myself i used to use kazaa and grokster and imesh as my fav but this puts those to shame dudes, check it out for peeps who already havent, its a must



One of its best features (personal opinion) is , that it doesn’t clog up all your cpu process time. You could in fact play a network game and have 50 people download from your hub.


ive bean an op on dc for nearly 3 year now this is the best pear to pear out thier any wants on our hub pm me :slight_smile:


DC++ hubs are awesome, especially if you can get on to the more ‘underground’ (private) ones.

Some hubs are like communities, and the quality of stuff you can find on there is amazing.

There are many forks of the Direct Connect Client, DC++ is just one of them. Also check out BCDC++, it’s my favorite.


http://www.hublist.org << hub lists