Who's your favourite person on CDFreaks?

hmmm…this is kinda hard question to ask…there’s so many members i like, they all have their own different personality, funny/humours, serious, kiddish, dirty (hmm…ssexy? :wink: ) …but I’m gonna reply after…well when a few of you guys have replied…so WHAT R U WAITING FOR? :cool:

Sexy_southner from the females (very sexy girl)
Womble from the blokes (very funny guy)

man -> beer_dog ,debro, zigzag, womble, dualhead,savvy,icey,ben and da_taxman
Woman -> ssexy , Dee-27 and Norty

how the hell did i know that ssexy was going to be on the top of the list for gurls…lol…well put that down for me as well…

and for the guys…well…i don’t really know…well…cos they don’t really take notice of what i talk about…lol…

Well, obviously, you lead a dog’s life,eh?

Mr Belvedere,The flying rodent (good sense of humour),Namoh,Isadore2(Mr postie of Cdfreaks) Da-taxman,Womble,Debro,Futureproof.

Fogglewoggle and SS is tha man! Or is it the men? But SS isnt a man… Guys, this takes some thinking. I think SS will have to settle for being “the dude” :slight_smile:

All you others are fine too but you are not spending enough time in the IRC :stuck_out_tongue:

I love lamp.

Men: itzbinnice (knowledgable, correct person).
Women: Norty (she is the Dungeon keeper, anyway).

I´ll wote for Doorminator!! :slight_smile:

I like all CdFreakers equally,but…hmmmmmmm( :bigsmile: ),there are a special one or two that I like just a bit more :iagree:

I would have to say…Dark_Shadowls


I like loads of people on cdfreaks
In the Living Room i love a giggle, so the ones with a good sense of humour are my favourites.

On the NEC forum. Again i like a lot of people, my favourites their are the ones who put there brain into gear before they post. :smiley:

If i had to pick someone out, it would be Norty as we’re mates away from cdfreaks as well as on the forum.

NoSmartz, Womble, Ice Cold, Ivanhoe, Namoh, cerberus, Debro, allypuss, Sexy_Southerner, Norty, everyone else

For starters…this thread says whos your favorite person…that would be singular…as opposed to multiple people from here…

Secondly, why didn’t you post a poll of some sorts?

Thirdly, if saying just one name …it might offend someone else…so …that one person I do like…well he/she already knows how special they are…:smiley:

Belvedere, Tax, Wannez and SSJGoku426

A toast for the women of CDFreaks. They are all my favorites.

For the girls: Sexy_S, sneakygirl
For the guys: Rylex, Mr. Belvedere, bcn_246, Womble, xtacydima, Airhead, Marsz-=FX, dansmug (ain’t those Belgiums cute :smiley: )

The Thread says PERSON not PEOPLE!!

Cerberus :bigsmile: